Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekend Links

This weekend is all about checking off those last minute tasks before the holidays (i.e. wrapping the mounds of presents that are currently building up around me). In addition my family starts to get into town so I'm really looking forward the next couple of days. For those of you doing some relaxing before all the chaos begins, here are a few links for you!
  • The Undeniable Report team has been amazing lately and have been putting out some really interesting articles. Take some time to check out The Foodie Gift Guide and Tips for Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party from my girl Julia!
  • Game of Thrones fans, have you seen this short teaser for the new season?! Arya Stark is one of my all time favorite characters, she basically kicks ass all the time despite being younger than most of the other characters. I'm patiently counting down the days until the April 6th premiere. Valar Morghulis.
  • I'm currently coveting the new Back Me Up Mobile Chargers.  They would make the perfect stocking stuffer for the friend whose phone is always running low on battery. 
  • This time of year there is a major focus on baking and cooking for friends and family, which is why I've been really enjoying the food section of Buzzfeed. I've recently been obsessed with their list of 18 Instagram Accounts you should follow if you love food... it definitely made me hungry!
  • When I was in NYC last weekend I stumbled into J Crew and fell in love with this buffalo plaid quilted vest. I'm having serious regret not buying it when I had the chance because it's now sold out online. I'm hoping I will still have time to scoop it up in stores before it vanishes there as well.
  • My skin has been so dry lately with all this cold weather and I've been searching everywhere for the perfect facial moisturizer that won't make me break out. Luckily I discovered Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer in Lord and Taylor last week, it has made such a difference in the way my skin looks and I definitely recommend it!
What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Those chargers are seriously cute! And so is the vest! I hope you are able to scoop it up somewhere!

  2. I love those chargers, they are so cute! I am going to be checking out the 18 Instagram accounts to follow, love instagram! Hope you have a great weekend :)


  3. Those chargers are so adorable! Thanks for introducing us to them. Also, thanks for the tip about the facial moisturizing cream. My face has been so dry too and I didn't know what to do about it.

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots


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