Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gift Guide #3: Stocking Stuffers

I've been having so much fun making these gift guides every week. It's no surprise that I love to shop for myself, but around the holidays I get to re-direct my passion for shopping towards others. When looking for different ideas for these gift guides I've been inspired and gotten so many gift ideas for friends and family. With less than 2 weeks before Christmas (OMG), I'm slowly wrapping up (pun intended) my lists and now focusing on last minute stocking stuffers. Not sure why, but I always forget about buying stocking stuffers until the last minute so I'm always rushing around trying to think of something creative and useful. 
Here are my suggestions for you guys:
  1. Jewelry- you can never go wrong with a little extra sparkle, especially during the holiday season. I typically try to buy jewelry to put in my moms stocking that matches some item sitting under the Christmas tree.
  2. Candles- Currently I have the amazing fresh Christmas tree smell wafting through my house but once the tree comes down I go back to sweet smelling candles. I tend to gravitate towards baking scented candles like vanilla, espresso or pumpkin! Pair a candle with a cute set of matches.
  3. Travel Necessities- I like to buy gifts for others that they wouldn't buy for themselves and sometimes that means the little things that people never splurge on. This Christmas I'm asking for a portable iPhone charger for when I'm traveling, but I also love the idea of buying cute travel cases for others.
  4. Agendas: Post Christmas we only have 1 week left of 2014, so a new planner would be a perfect way to welcome in 2015!
  5. Personalized Gifts: Picking out gifts that match the receivers personality is so much fun. I found this awesome 'Dessert and Baking Salts' set that is perfect for all the foodies in my life!

What do you typically get in your stocking?


  1. I love everything in this gift guide!


  2. Great gift guide!
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