Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

Happy New Years Eve!
I'm still in shock that another year has come and gone. I guess it's true what my grandma always says to me, "the days are long but the months fly by." 
Tonight I'm heading up to Syracuse after work with friends to ring in the new year and I'm still not 100% sure what I'm going to wear. I always laugh when I see these beautiful New Year's Eve dresses advertised that are festive and sparkly... and short. Truth be told, living in upstate New York my entire life, one thing NYE won't be is warm, in fact it's typically below freezing. Unless I plan a trip to the south where it's warm and beautiful, theres a 99.9% chance that I won't be wearing one of those shiny little dresses when the ball drops, it's just too unrealistic (and chilly). 
So most likely when I get home from work today I'll be destroying my closet looking for something semi-sparkly for this festive occasion, and eventually I'll give up and open the champagne instead! Maybe next year I'll plan a vacation someplace warm for NYE so I can join in on the sparkly dress fun...hmmm....

Whether you're staying in to watch the ball drop or going out on the town, I'm wishing you all a safe and fun night tonight, see you in 2015!

(ignore the dog hair, no matter how much I lint roll Misa is EVERYWHERE)

Scarf J Crew Factory, sold out (similar here and here) // Jeans
Vest Banana Republic, sold out (similar here) // Shirt // Bag C Wonder, sold out
Lips Ring // Sunnies // Bow Ring // Bracelet C Wonder, sold out
Flats Ralph Lauren (similar)

What are your New Years Eve plans?


  1. Unless it's Florida, the entire south is cold this year on NYE! I think the high today was like 42. I know that's technically warm compared to upstate NY, but still. It's not tropical! Haha I was going to go out tonight, but I'd rather stay in and relax. Partying stresses me out. :P


  2. I love that your plaid scarf matches your plaid bag! Happy New Year's!



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