Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Thought + A Weekend Recap

After the craziness that was last weekend, I was looking forward to a quiet weekend to get in the holiday spirit. These next few weeks are going to be super hectic so I really look forward to those quiet nights to really soak up all the holiday traditions.

  • Thursday night a group of friends and I got together to watch Peter Pan Live. I'm a huge Allison Williams fan from her performance of Marnie on Girls so I was looking forward to seeing her portray Peter. The live event was a little silly and I personally wasn't a huge fan of casting Christopher Walken as Captain Hook but I do think Allison has a beautiful voice and really did an awesome job playing Peter Pan. Also my friend Dana made this amazing oreo popcorn that I basically devoured, I need to get that recipe ASAP so I can share it with you guys.
  • Friday night was quite, I ended up making a late night trip to buy my Christmas tree. It's always an experience because it's tradition to take Misa with me and she gets a little overwhelmed with all the people around. She spent the rest of the night investigating the tree...
  • Saturday I got my hair cut (finally!) and then spent the rest of the day playing Christmas carols and decorating for Christmas! We baked cookies and made a fire and definitely got into the holiday spirit! It's so nice to have the smell of a fresh Christmas tree throughout the house.

  • Today I got caught up on blogs, wrote some posts for the upcoming week, did a little online Christmas shopping and made a lasagna for tomorrow night and a roast for tonight (recipe coming soon!). 
What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Oreo popcorn sounds like it would be the perfect combination of sweet and salty and I love how your tree turned out!



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