Monday, March 31, 2014

What Your Nail Polish Color Says About You

I change my nail polish color once a week. I love to mix it up, one week I will wear baby pink and the next week I'll be sporting lime green. My nail polish color normally reflects how I am feeling that week... if I'm feeling fun and feisty I may wear a bright color, whereas during the holidays I prefer a more classic mani that is versatile with multiple outfits. However, my go-to color is Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue. I'm not sure why but I've always been drawn to a bright blue color, it always brightens my mood.

My current nails

So I recently found this fun article that tells you what your favorite nail polish shade says about you and I thought I would share what they found...
  1. Neon- You're bold. Girls who wear neon like to be noticed and create their own fun wherever they go.
  2. Blue- You're calm. The no-fuss girl who likes to spend her time in serene places such as the ocean or a lake. 
  3. Red- You're passionate. This girl is full of life and works to make things happen in a real take-charge manner.
  4. Green- You're dynamic. This person seeks adventure filled with new opportunities to grow!
  5. Peach/Pink- You like to live in the moment! This color is perfect for the girl who has a busy social life to match the bright color of your nails.
  6. Glitter Nails- You're glamourous. This is for anyone who illuminates sparkle. Plus you're always the life of the party!
  7. Purple- You're confident. This girl is comfortable in her own skin, she is one strong lady!
  8. Yellow- You're carefree. They don't call it mellow yellow for nothing! The girl who prefers yellow is warm and friendly, someone who always makes you feel included.
  9. Nail Art- You're creative. If you're someone who frequently sports nail art then you're a thinker who loves to express herself.
  10. Nude- You're a natural. Choosing nude means you're not afraid to be your true self.
  11. Metallic- You're strong. Your bold personality is reflected in your nails!

Did you find that your favorite nail polish shade matched your personality?
How often do you switch up your nail color?


  1. Pink is always my favorite!! I love the way that green looks in the picture! Great for spring!

  2. I love wearing peach and nude color. Thanks for sharing this!


  3. I always rotate red and pinks shades, which I think is pretty boring, so I like your description way better lol!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  4. Oh gosh, according to this I am glamorous (I have glitter one my ring finger on each hand) and natural (the rest of my nails are a darker nude color). Love this :)

  5. I like blues and pinks and I think both totally describe the way I feel when I am wearing those colors!

    Prep on a Budget

  6. I like my polish to make me happy! That can be anything from hot pink to black to neutral, it def. varies on my mood!

    I need some new polishes! Love that light blue and lime green in your picture.


  7. My polish is different from week to week so I wasnt sure which color to pick for me! haha But I am also a HUGE fan on Pacific Blue. (Its on my toes right now!) Its such a perfect color! :)

    Love Always,

  8. I love this post!


  9. Seeing as my nails have been almost all of these colors in the past month I guess I am all of them?

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. I always go for the peach/coral/pink. It is bad because I always go for the same colors. I guess I am just living in the moment, especial in the summer time. This is such a fun post!


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