Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Thoughts + A Weekend Recap

How great is this quote from the always amazing, Jenna Lyons? It obviously applies to her life in the fashion industry but I think it's something we can all apply to our everyday life. I'm a big supporter of following your gut (as opposed to your heart or brain). Maybe it's women's intuition, but my gut has never swayed my the wrong way. 

Anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here in upstate NY it was actually sunny and dare I say warm? Lets be real, by warm I mean high 30s/low 40s but it's definitely a start. The sun is starting to get stronger. You know that feeling when the sun hits your face and it's warmer than it's been all winter, it definitely gives me hope that spring is on the horizon.

Here's a quick recap of my weekend:
  • Friday night I went out with friends to a couple local bars. We went and saw a band play at one of the bars, which was something different and fun. Sometimes I wish I could play an instrument, it's such a big accomplishment to be able to create music.
  • Saturday I was down for the count... I've been on a typhoid prescription for Costa Rica and the pills make me so nauseous, literally the worst. On the bright side I know it's not the stomach bug! I only have one more pill to go... can't wait till it's over.
  • Saturday night I had to pull through the stomach cramps to babysit for a family friend. Seriously... bravo to all you parents out there because children are cute, but exhausting!
  • Since I'm finally feeling better today I'm going to try and get out of the house (maybe to the mall....)!
What did you do this weekend?


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better today! I wish I was musical, as well. Maybe we will luck out and have musically inclined children that we can live vicariously through ;) Haha

    I spent my entire weekend lounging around, which was a nice treat since I usually go out of town. Today I'm leaving for a work conference.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. I love that quote!

  3. I am so sorry about the Typhoid medicine... yuck! I am so glad you are feeling better though!

    Prep on a Budget

  4. I was learning the whole weekend :((((
    Your blog is really great!!! *.* Would you like to follow each other? :) Please let me know <3

  5. I love that quote from Jenna Lyons! I definitely trust my "gut instincts" as well :) I feel you with the typhoid medicine- I hate having to take medicine with side effects before I go to new places.

  6. Boo-- medicine making you sick is the WORST. Some antibiotics I was put on did the same thing, and ugh... horrible. Hope you made it to the mall! :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  7. I love that quote! Very inspiring! But I am glad your stomach cramps are getting better! It will be all worth it when your in Costa Rica! Hope you got some great stuff at the mall!

    Love Always,

  8. Happy to hear you are feeling better :)


  9. Great thought dear and so true as well...:-)


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