Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blogger Question

Okay fellow bloggers, I need your help. I normally write my blog posts in advance and then the morning of the post I wake up and post. This can be quite annoying, especially if I'm running late. However, for some strange reason the 'schedule post' timer on blogger does not work for me. Plenty of times I have set a time and date for my writings to post and then when I wake up, it never posted.... I can't seem to figure out what the problem is and since I will be leaving for Costa Rica very soon I need to solve this problem ASAP so you guys don't go a week without posts from me while I'm out of the country.
So I'm calling all blogger users who schedule posts.... What am I missing? Why isn't the schedule post working for me? Any input from all of you would be greatly appreciated because I'm stumped!

Does anyone else have this problem?


  1. Hey girl! Yes, you have to schedule it and then click Publish, not Save. The post won't go live until it's scheduled to. This should fix your problem! :)

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. Ahhhh you're my hero!!! I never would have thought to hit publish instead of save! Thank you!!!

  2. Seems like you found the answer! I didnt even know I could plan ahead of time for stuff to post. I am so new! hahah But glad you found the answer! :) Youre gonna have a grea time in Costa Rica!

    Love Always,

  3. Hmm...I schedule about 98% of my posts and haven't had an issue in a long time (knock on wood) with it. Are you sure you change both the time and date? Once in a while I will write and schedule a post for the next day but will goof and just change the time but not the date so it will post right then. You might also try a new browser. I know that sounds dumb but I have differences between IE and Chrome. If no one here has your answer, try googling it. I've found answers that way before.

    Beyond that I am sorry to say I don't think I have any advice for you. I normally feel like I am the one with weird Blogger issues. Good luck!!

    KK @

  4. I usually click edit and then publish so that it uses the time I actually post my post.

  5. I defiantly had this problem. I think it was because I wasn't pressing publish after scheduling it.


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