Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Favorite Apps

Nowadays we carry our phones with us at all times and we literally have the world at our fingertips because our smart phones can access so much information. Although I have been better about putting my phone away an hour before I go to bed and keeping it on 'Do Not Disturb' over night so I'm not woken up by a random text, I do use my phone pretty regularly throughout the day. So today I thought I would share with you 6 of my favorite apps (excluding the obvious Twitter, Instagram and E-Mail apps). 
  • Waterlogue App: This is one of my newer downloads but its definitely something I've been enjoying ever since The College Prepster did a post on it. After I downloaded it I spent most of my day going through old pictures and waterloguing them! It's quite addicting and it adds a fun twist to your typical Instagram pics. Not going to lie... the majority of my Waterlogue photos are of Misa #sorrynotsorry.

  • Postal Pix: Okay I'm not sure if many of you have heard of this one but I'm obsessed because this app allows you to order your Instagram prints on your phone and they will ship the prints to your house! I always hated how when I would go to print pictures out at my local store that the machines could not print out the Instagram pictures I took because of the square shape. This alleviates this issue and allows you to order cheap prints within seconds!
  • Words With Friends: I know a lot of you are saying "wow, you still play Words With Friends, that was so 5 years ago!" but I'm a board game freak and I have a constant string of games going with my cousin all the way in Chicago. It allows us to keep playing games despite the distance between us. Plus, I'm super competitive and can never turn down a challenge.
  • Snapchat: Okay this app literally gets me through the work week. My friends and I are constantly sending funny snaps throughout the day to each other. Remember friends...
  • Antrim Escape: Here's another fun app for you game lovers out there. Its a room escape game where the objective is to find, combine and use designated clues and items to solve puzzles and eventually find an escape to the room you're trapped in. There are three different escapes so once you beat the first app you have two more to escape to win the game. Fair warning- this game is super addictive and very challenging.
  • The Podcast App- This is another app I use all day long while I'm in work. Sometimes I get super bored with listening to music while working, the podcast app lets me listen to some of my favorite podcasters discuss some of the TV shows I watch and I can listen to different celebrity interviews as well!
What are your most used apps?



  1. I want to try the pod cast one! That sounds like something I would love! I love these kind of posts! And the instagram one sounds great too!

  2. I need to check out Postal Pics! I'm always printing pictures, and it's so frustrating when parts of my Instagram pictures get cut off!


  3. I still love Words With Friends too! And I want to try the Waterlogue app now!

    Love Always,

  4. I love when people do post about their favorite apps, I will have to check out some of these!


  5. I love to see what apps people like. I love the goodreads app especially when I am wondering the bookstore looking for a new book.

  6. I have never heard of the waterlouge one.. sounds so fun!

  7. Omg that Antrim Escape App has my attention! I LOVE games!

    I never got good enough at words with my friends for my liking, I should try harder.

    Thanks for sharing,


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