Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Recap

As I said before, the Oscars are my Superbowl. I get myself all ready with my laptop, phone, snacks and spend the night (starting at 6:00) texting my girlfriends my thoughts on the red carpet arrivals. I even have the show DVR'ed because I can never stay awake to watch the whole show, plus this way I won't miss a single moment. 
A lot of you have been sharing your picks for best dressed and I wanted to share mine as well. I honestly think that there were very few fashion fails, everyone, for the most part, came dressed to impressed and they really delivered. This marks the end of award show season, and I am sad to see it go....
All Hail Queen Lupita!

I love Naomi's style, she always picks out of the box styles that look amazing on her.

I know a lot of you were underwhelmed with Amy, but I thought that navy number fit her like a glove, plus I have a thing for navy.

So I said it before. I love Olivia Wilde. I want to be her. She can do no wrong in my book.

I don't think Camila Alves got enough credit for this pretty light pink number, such a perfect shade for spring.

Kate went old school Hollywood glam with that cape.

If I can't be Olivia Wilde, I want to be Margot Robbie.
 I love the 180 she did from her Golden Globes look.

Okay it's your turn, what were your favorite looks? 
Wasn't Ellen hilarious?!


  1. I love the back of that last dress. So gorgeous. I think Kate's dress was a bit too low cut coupled with that cape addendum. Really great dresses this year!


  2. You're right - Margot Robbie looks AMAZING! I loved Ellen as the host. Usually The Oscars find a way to bore me - but Ellen kept it easy to watch & hilarious the whole time!

    xo, B

  3. Love that last black dress! Gorgeous!

  4. Love Camila's dress! I honestly didn't even notice it before you posted it here- she looks gorgeous :) Great picks Alex!

  5. I didnt watch the Oscars but from what I heard, Ellen blew it out of the park! I have been seeing some pictures of dresses and such and it didnt look like there were that many out of the box dresses!!! I really liked almost everything everyone wore! :) And I think Kate looks FABULOUS,

    Love Always,


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