Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Best Colors For Your Skin Tone

I'm never afraid of a little color, in fact my closet is full of pieces that are every color of the rainbow. However, there are definitely some colors that work better with my skin tone... and even those vary depending on whether I have a good tan or not. So today I thought it would be fun to highlight four colors that work best with each skin tone type. 

Fair Skin:
Now this is one skin tone that I have no personal experience with. Being Italian means that "fair" was never something that I would ever use to describe my skin tone, even in the dead of winter. However, when doing my research I found that jewel tones such as emerald or amethyst really make a fair skin tone glow. In addition, those blonde haired blue eyed beauties look great in light blue because it accentuates their eyes. Finally, a camel color is a perfect neutral for you fair skinned ladies out there because it won't wash you out.

Example: Carrie Underwood

Medium Skin Tone:
Okay this is definitely the category that I fall into. Being a little darker skinned I do try an experiment with a variety of different colors because I don't get washed out as easily as someone with a fairer skin tone. Pastels such as mint green and pale pink is very complimentary on a medium skin but during the summer when you medium toned ladies are rocking a bit of a tan, it's always great to go with a bright neon green or pink because it will really show off your tan. Finally, a light gray is a perfect neutral for this skin tone because it will enhance your complexion. 

Example: Jessica Alba

Dark Skin Tone: 
Okay ladies with a dark skin tone- you are pretty lucky because you can rock basically every color of the rainbow and still look fabulous! However, the most flattering colors on you are bold basics such as cobalt blue, red and bright yellows. In addition, those with darker skin tones can rock that orange/tangerine color that so many of the rest of us struggle to pull off correctly, so thats definitely something you ladies want to take advantage of. As for the neutral that looks best with dark skin tones- stick with white to really make your skin shine!

Example: Lupita Nyong'o

What is colors work best for your skin tone?


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