Monday, March 3, 2014

My 11 Essentials

A couple weeks ago The College Prepster made a list of 10 things Every Girl Needs and it got me thinking about what my essentials were. I basically agreed with everything she had on her list: the LBD, a good pair of flats, something leopard and something striped. I had every item on her list sitting in my closet and they were all wardrobe stapes of mine but I realized there were other items that were on my list as well. So I decided to make a list of 11 Essentials (10 items plus a bonus!) that worked for my wardrobe:

  1. Leather Jacket - My black leather jacket gets so much use in the spring and fall months. It gives that edgy look to a sun dress but looks amazing with a pair of jeans as well. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made.
  2. Belt - I'm a huge fan of belting dresses. I think it gives me some shape and highlights my waist. A classic belt that can be paired with a variety of closet items is definitely a wardrobe staple for me.
  3. Cashmere Sweater - Do I need to explain this? A classic item that works with anything and everything.
  4. Black Bikini - I discussed this last week. I think every girl needs a black bathing suit that you feel confident and beautiful in.
  5. White Blouse - Okay College Prepster listed a white button down on her list and I totally agree, but as a spin I added a white blouse as well. It's a little more whimsical and feminine than the typical white button down.
  6. Navy Handbag - Navy is a fun twist on the typical brown/black handbag. One of my wardrobe essentials is a big bag- I will definitely have back problems as I get older from lugging around my entire life in my purse- it doesn't work for everyone, but its definitely a must for me.
  7. Jeans - I don't mean any jeans, I mean the jeans that you can wear anywhere, that fits you like a glove. The kind of jean that you don't have to keep pulling up by their belt straps, your go-to pair. I personally love my Stella Skinny Jeans from Express.
  8. Converse - These are my go-to shoe all year round. They are the one shoe I recommend to everyone. Grab a pair in a classic color: black, navy or white.
  9. Summer Dress - I know it feels like summer will never arrive in the Northeast but when it does you'll want a colorful fun sundress that you can wear anytime you are going to be outside. Bright colors and patterns are a must for this dress!
  10. Statement Necklace - You need something funky for your wardrobe. It can be a crazy necklace or bracelet but it has to be a conversation piece!
  11. Bonus: Pencil Skirt - Pencil skirts are no longer just for the workplace. You can now wear them out on the town and they are flattering on all figures!
Okay, it's your turn, what's on your essential list?
Is there anything you agree or disagree with on mine?


  1. I love these essentials! I think I might make a post about this too!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. Lovely essentials dear...thx for sharing...:-)

  3. Ah! I need that skirt in my life!

  4. I love your list Alex!


  5. I totally agree about the statement necklace. I love statement anything. I think every girl needs a go to pair of earrings. I know I don't feel completely dressed without them.

  6. I love your list! It's similar to what mine would be!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  7. I couldnt have made this better if I had made it myself. So I wont do this post because...youve got it covered...hahah

    Love Always,


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