Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Sock Bun: Do or Don't?

I have to admit, despite being a lover of all things fashion I've never been one to be creative with my hair. My dark hair is long and pin straight and no matter what I do, it doesn't hold a curl. My friends learned this the hard way after during a girls weekend in Syracuse they suggested they curl my hair before we go out. Well two hours later my hair was finished and 10 minutes later it was straight again. This leaves me with little hair options, but honestly I'm not that adventurous. I have a fear of cutting my hair short or adding anything that I'll be forced to deal with for months without any relief (like bangs or dye). Also, I'm not going to lie, I don't have the patience to sit and do my hair for hours.

Yet, I did step out of the box last time I was visiting Syracuse and my friends suggested I try the sock bun. It was a quick and easy way to change up my typical straight hair do, plus it kept my hair out of my face all night and helped prevent the dreaded static hair that I get in the winter time (does anyone else get bad static in their hair when they wear winter scarves?). Anyways, the sock bun literally took 5 minutes to put together and stayed together for the entire night. Now all I need is a bright pink lipstick and I'll be a regular Kourtney Kardashian! 

So have any of you tried the sock bun?
Is the sock bun a do or a don't?


  1. I'm so jealous that you can rock a sock bun! I guess my hair is too long, because it does not cooperate!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. I love the sock bun! It looks great on you!

    Prep on a Budget

  3. The sock bun looks great on you! I have the same problem as Seersucker Sass, my hair is too long and won't co-operate! xx

  4. I've always loved sock buns- although I've learned the hard way they look best with straight hair and since mine is wavy, I usually have to flat iron it first in order for it to look best.
    You look fantastic in a sock bun Alex :) I also love your hair in general- it looks so healthy and beautiful!

  5. I am happy the sock bun worked for you, you look good with it ! However it definitely did not work for me! Maybe I did something wrong... oh well...

  6. I love the sock bun. I just recently cut my hair and can't do it anymore, so sad :( looks great on you, though! :)

  7. Wow...this bun is looking too cute...very nicely explained honey...:-)

  8. I love sock buns, and it really suits you!<3

  9. I love sock buns, I think it's the perfect hairstyle for a bad hair day. And that sock bun looks awesome on you!

  10. I love the sock bun! I seriously wear one at least every two weeks. I work with kids every day so having my hair up is mostly a must have. So having it look cute at the same time is awesome! I do my sock buns a little different than this though! Maybe I should do a tutorial on my blog? Hope you had a good weekend!

    Love Always,

  11. The sock bun looks beautiful on you! I haven't tried it out yet, I feel like I won't be able to pull it off.



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