Wednesday, August 27, 2014

End of August Pinspiration

I seriously cannot believe that it's already the end of August. This must be a sign that I'm getting old because I'm constantly talking about time moving too quickly, haha! Lately I feel like I've been so busy that I have been neglecting Pinterest. I typically love spending a weekend afternoon getting inspired by various pictures, fashion ideas, or recipes but I've been so busy lately that my pinning activity has been slacking. However, this weekend I found a little bit of time to not only catch up on the magazines that have been piling up around me but also get some quality pins in. 

Here is my fall inspiration:

I'm loving this look for the beginning of fall when it's still warm enough to rock bare legs.

Cut-out booties are on my fall wish list!

How amazing does this macaroni and cheese chili look, think it might be one of my Sunday fall recipes!

Blazers + shorts combo = LOVE!

My favorite appetizer of all time is probably spinach and artichoke dip, however I've never made it from scratch. Think I'm going to try to find a recipe I can make in the crock pot.

Possibly a road trip to check out the upcoming fall foliage?

What's inspiring you lately?
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  1. I love that striped dress with the pockets! I've seen two similar styles actually, one at Target and one on :)

  2. That mac and cheese looks delicious, and so does the spinach and artichoke dip! Fall is the perfect time for a road trip. I used to love making trips back and forth to college because I had to drive through mountains, which were absolutely gorgeous with all their fall colors!


  3. Ahhh that first dress!! Gorgeous! And those jean shorts are pretty fab too!

  4. That dip looks so good. May have to give it a try. I am slowing getting back into booties, just ordered a new pair the other day!


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