Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Smart Shopping, The Lilly Sale That Wasn't

As I'm sure many of you all heard, the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale started last Monday. It's a HUGE once a year sale where you can find $300 Lilly dresses for $50 and it's something that I have been looking forward to. However, it's definitely one of those sales that you can easily get caught up in mainly because so many people are shopping the sale at once and it's somewhat of a mad dash to get the items you want before they sell out. The pressure to purchase things quickly, knowing that they are final sale and can't be returned is not something I enjoy. I'm not someone who likes to rush into a fashion purchase, mainly because I'm trying to be more conscious with my money and not just buy things because they're on sale. 

Another thing weighing heaving on my mind? The fact that their is only 2 more weeks until Labor Day and I should really be focusing my attention on the new fall arrivals rather than continuing to buy summer things that won't even get worn until next year. So despite this amazing Lilly sale, I only ended up buying a Shell Clasp Belt (which, I am quite excited about) and instead I'm going to save my money so I can invest in some quality fall purchases. I felt like this was a huge step for me becoming more of a smart shopper.

Here are some other tips for 'smart shopping':
  • Coupons & Sales: So many stores offer discounts and coupons so if you see something you like, wait for a deal! I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I get bombarded daily by stores emailing me offering coupon codes or advertising big sales. So unless an item is in real risk of selling out, I recommend waiting for a deal to come along. Also, take advantage of your student/work ID, so many places offer 15-20% off, don't be afraid to ask!
  • Focus on the future, forget about the past: So many summer clothes are going on sale right now, and although these clearance sales can be alluring it's important that you're not tempted to buy non-quality items just because they are on super sale. Before purchasing, ask yourself whether this item would positively contribute to your closet or if you're buying just because you think you're getting a deal. This was a big factor for me this week, deciding to focus on the upcoming season instead of buying more summer clothes.
  • Spend $ on classic pieces, not trends: Fashion trends come and go, but there are a few things that will never go out of style. I've gotten better about focusing my purchases on items I will have forever, but it's still something I need to improve on. Even I'm guilty of jumping on the latest trends but I've become smarter-- making sure these trend purchases don't break the bank because you never know when the latest trend will quickly turn into a fad. Instead, I recommend putting the extra cash into 'forever things' like jeans, cashmere and leather handbags.

What are your smart shopping tips?


  1. Great tips! OKay I have a serious shopping problem--and have had to cut back to save money AND cause I was impulse buying items and not using them. If I'm out at target and want a purse sometimes I just put it in my shopping buggy--tote it around and then drop it back off in its place at the end of the trip SAME with online--put it in my cart and then click out of the browser. THIS might be crazy--but it's helped cut back!!

  2. Good for you for having such great self control! I only got two shirts for less than $30 each at the Lilly sale. To avoid making impulsive purchases, I make a list of things I want. If they go on sale or if they've been on my list for a long time, I buy them!


  3. I'm very lucky in that when retailers put summer clothes on clearance, they tend to think the entire country is the Northeast, where it gets cold right in September. At least last year, it didn't get "cold" (60's-70's) here until the end of October. So I can buy those pieces and still get away with it for a few more months.
    This year it's been cooler than normal, so I may not be able to do that but still. And when I shop, I ALWAYS go to the back of the store to the sale/clearance racks first. :)


  4. I actually picked up a pair of great transitional fall pieces from Lilly! I bought a pair of the jet set trousers in navy (for work) and an iPad case that doubles as a clutch. I wanted to get a few more things for my impending wedding festivities, but once I filled up my cart to $500 I had to step away and not buy anything else lol.



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