Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Four: Chicago Edition

Happy Friday Friends!
Since I'm currently in Chicago until Sunday night I thought that my Friday Favorites should have a Chi-town theme to it. Chicago is definitely on the short list of my favorite places to visit and I always try and get here at least once a year.

Here is what I'm loving:
I'll be staying with my cousin Josh while I'm there. I haven't seen Josh since Costa Rica so I'm really looking forward to hanging out. Plus I'll also get to see plenty of the other friends I made while in Costa Rica so it will be nice to have a mini reunion. Joining me on my journey is my younger cousin Dave who (finally) turned 21 in July, I know he is looking forward to going out with us to the Chicago bars.

Whenever I visit Chicago, I'm always craving Ann Sathers food. We went there for breakfast the fist time I ever visited and they served me a GIANT cinnamon bun (see above--- that was after I ate half of it) with my breakfast... so basically in addition to the omelet I ordered I received a cinnamon bun that filled me up even before I had the chance to eat the omelet. They also have fabulous fruit mimosas which I've been thinking about for weeks.

Lake Michigan
I'm hoping to head to the beach at some point this weekend to soak up some rays and possible play some beach volleyball. I'm always so jealous of the fact that my cousin has such amazing access to great beaches.

Michigan Ave
The shopping in Chicago is always incredible, I finally get access to a Nordstrom (ughhh I wish the 518 would get a Nordstrom... my closet would be so much better). I'm not sure if I'll get to shop this time around since I will be with my two male cousins, but I'm going to try!

Chicago friends--- any recommendations for me this weekend?


  1. Ann Sathers looks delicious!!! Have the best time!

  2. Baha number one is so true!! And those cinnamon rolls looks amazing! Happy weekend!

  3. I love Chicago!! Have fun -- I hope you get to Nordstrom! Have you been to Big Bowl? It is a Stir Fry restaurant and it is so delicious!

  4. Chicago looks like such a great place!


  5. I'm so bummed I'm missing you! Of COURSE, I'm on the Jersey Shore right now. Hope you're having the best time! I recommend Derby, Homeslice, Floriole's, and Monograms on Webster. Oh! And "All She Wrote." But I know VERY little about Chicago so far! Hehe. HAVE FUN! :)



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