Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chicago Recap

Hi Friends!
Sorry for the delays in posts this week but I needed a couple days to recover from Chicago and catch up on the 8000 emails I had. Not going to lie, I debated missing my flight home on Sunday so I could spend more time in Chicago because I had soooo much fun. I've already decided that next time I visit I will be staying much longer than a long weekend because I just did not have enough time with everyone. 

Here is a quick recap:
  • We arrived in Chicago on Thursday night and my cousin Josh was waiting for us when we got off the subway to take us to dinner. We went to this delicious Mexican restaurant called Uncle Julios and I ate my body weight in enchiladas and margaritas (needless to say it was a great kick off to our weekend).

  • Friday morning we took my cousins dog, Luna, to the dog beach. I had never been to a dog beach/park before, mainly because I'm 99% sure Misa would get kicked out of one for bad behavior. When we arrived I was in doggie heaven, mainly because this park combined two of my favorite things: the beach and puppies. It was so fun to watch Luna run around and swim in the water, I could have spent all day there. Side note: they have doggie lifeguards there, best job ever--- If I ever moved to Chicago I would have to be a lifeguard for dogs.
  • After the dog park we decided to do a little shopping in Lincoln Park. My cousin Dave, who flew in with me, tends to dress like a hillbilly so it was fun to give him a make-over and get him some new pieces that doesn't make him look like he belongs at a farm. After shopping we ate at this amazing burger place called Kuma's. My first dog was named Kuma, so this place was near and dear to my heart. The menu consisted of different mac and cheeses, and plenty of burgers. After that huge meal I was full for the rest of the night.
  • After lunch, we headed to my cousins volleyball game. He plays in a summer league on the beach so we were able to cheer him on followed by drinks by the water.

  • After volleyball we went out on the town. We bar hopped to plenty of places all around Chicago including a bar that allowed us to play arcade games for free. It was quite a long night and I did not get much sleep (a theme for the weekend) but I had so much fun going out with everyone. The best part was that we were able to meet up with plenty of people I went to Costa Rica with so it was a mini reunion!

  • Saturday morning was a little slow moving after our late nights. We ended up getting breakfast at a place called Waffles followed by the beach. I was so exhausted that I ended up taking a nap on the beach only to be interrupted by this group of 50 people doing a "Glee-like" performance on the beach. It was like a flash mob combined with a theater performance, they were dressed in 60's garb and were singing and dancing along--- quite the experience.
  • Post-beach it was time to rehydrate and get some food. We ate at this delicious Italian restaurant, my favorite meal of the trip. I can honestly say that Chicago has some fabulous restaurants, I don't think I've ever had a bad meal there when I visited.

  • After dinner we went to Wrigley-Fest and watched this great cover band sing followed by even more bar hopping till late in the morning. Hence the reason why I was not eager to get on a plane Sunday morning. I also realized that I barely took any photos on this trip, I was too busy having so much fun.
Where is your favorite place to visit?


  1. It looks like chicago was a blast- that pasta look delicious may I say! Plus the beaches look lovely there! :)

  2. So glad you had a great visit! Looks like you hit some of my fave Chicago places and activities :)

  3. sounds like a fabulous trip!!! all the food is SO yummy.

  4. Looks like you had a ton of fun! :) I never thought I'd say this, but ever since I moved away from home... actually visiting HOME is my favorite place! Plus it's really nice flying in and not having a car, therefore my family has to chauffeur me around! :P


  5. YAY! :) This post made me so happy. Wish I could have seen you, though. ;)


  6. That's so cool there's a dog beach! It sounds like you had a great trip!


  7. Looks like you had a good time! I have never been to chicago, but would love to get there sometime.


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