Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Thought + A Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday Everyone!
This weekend sure flew by, I can't believe I start my new job tomorrow. I am both nervous and excited for all the new opportunities ahead of me but I am a little sad that I wont be back in the classroom with my students tomorrow, I am going to miss them so much. 

Here is a quick weekend recap:
  • So much paperwork, getting a new job means insurance forms, retirement forms and plenty of tax forms to fun
  • I saw American Hustle last night! Jennifer Lawrence is everything and I'm obsessed with her, she's not even a main character and she totally steals the show. Side Note: We had a crazy person in our theater that had to be escorted out by security... quite an experience.
  • I have a lot of baking to do after I post this because I am going to a family lunch today and I am in charge of dessert. I think I am going to make my Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Bars.
  • I'm super excited to watch the Golden Globes tonight! I am such a sucker for award season, can't wait to see all the amazing fashion on the red carpet.
  • Finished another puzzle.... sorta.... Misa may have eaten two pieces...ugh. The poor whale is missing a part of his face thanks to my little monster.

How was your weekend?
Are you going to watch the Golden Globes tonight?


  1. I love the quote! The picture it's on makes me want to go to the beach!


  2. I love the quote, it makes me miss the beach so much! And no I'm not watching the golden globes tonight, I have to finish some last minute studying!

  3. That puzzle with the missing pieces is too funny! Props to you for being able to put that together :) I cannot for the life of me do a puzzle! I get too impatient :P
    Also- those Reese Peanut Butter Bars look delicious and I'm considering baking them myself :)


  4. I did lots of paperwork for my new job this weekend too, it's the worst!

  5. Good luck with your new job! I hate job paperwork ugh.

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend :) Good luck with the new job!!

    ♥ Marissa | Anchors & Owls

  7. I'm so behind in reading blogs this month but congratulations on the new job! Are you no longer teaching or just in a different environment? How exciting either way!



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