Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Four

Today is my last day at my job (cue the tears now). Although I am sad to be leaving my students I am looking forward to my new job and all the experiences that will come with it. But enough with the sappy talk, it's Friday! It's slowly starting to semi-warm up in the 518 (hello 30 degrees!) which means I will hopefully be able to get out of the house for a little bit.

Here is what I am currently loving this week...

I received these J Crew slippers for Christmas since my old slippers were so worn they had a hole in the bottom of them, they were desperately needed. However, the other day I was wandering around J Crew and I found the matching flannel pajama set for $30! For some strange reason they are still full price on the website, but you should definitely go to your local store and scoop them up because they are super warm and comfy.

Disclaimer: I am a little obsessed with Jenny Mollen. If you don't know who Jenny is, I will fill you in. She is a former actress and current writer. If you are a fan of crude obnoxious humor, I highly suggest you follow her on Twitter and Instagram. She is married to actor Jason Biggs and is currently pregnant with her first child. My friend Meg, sent me this article she wrote for Cosmo about her experience with a miscarriage that I found both hilarious and sad. Again, if you have a sick sense of humor I would check it out.

I am seriously coveting these Vickers Bow Bracelets on the KJP website.
 They have so many fun patterns!

The Bachelor
I am so excited that the new season of The Bachelor has started because it's my guilty pleasure. I'm definitely one of those girls who go into watching it with a sense of humor and realize that the show is one big joke, however I don't mind watching new bachelor, Juan Pablo, take his shirt off either....
My friends and I have even decided to do a Bachelor pool this year, maybe I'll get lucky and win some cash while watching this season! Let me know if you're interested in doing a pool with your friends and I'll send you our template!

What are you currently loving?
Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


  1. I wish I was wearing those J. Crew pajamas right now! I love the bow bracelets! I hope you have a great last day at work!


  2. I love those J Crew pjs!! I have a pair from them, but love the idea of having matching slippers... so cute! Also I have two pools going for the Bachelor too, haha! No money is in them but it will definitely make watching so fun!

  3. You will love those J.Crew pjs. I am really curious to read that article, thanks!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  4. A2w the KJP bow!! I own 5 of them and I'm compltetly addict to them! I wanna all!! haha

  5. love those slippers! have a great weekend...don't be too sad today!!

  6. LOVE the slippers, so cute and they looks so warm! I'm about to read this article now because I clicked her name, read a few tweets, and decided I would probably enjoy her! Haha!

    ♥ Marissa | Anchors & Owls

  7. I love these posts, its so fun to see what different bloggers are in to. But they are seriously dangerous, like I need more things to obsess over on the internet! Haha


  8. Love love love those J Crew PJs & slippers! I bought my mom one of the KJP bracelets for Christmas and she adores it- I'm seriously tempted to order one for myself :)


  9. I love those J Crew pjs and slippers, I totally want them! I've been obsessed with the idea of matching pj sets all winter, love them.

    Congrats on the new job!! Hope to hear about it soon in another blogger meetup! :) :P


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