Thursday, January 9, 2014

Get Carried Away

In going with my travel theme from earlier in the week, I thought I would look for a couple of carry-on friendly luggage sets for those who hate to check a bag. I have found in the past that large luggage with wheels sometimes doesn't always fit in the overhead compartments provided by airlines but duffle bags that are easier to mold into a specific space tend to work much better. Luckily, most airlines let you bring two bags on a plane, one smaller fit under you seat bag and one large duffle so I've found some of my favorites from each category. 
This week I've been a little obsessed with Pottery Barn Teen and I had no idea that they made really cute luggage on top of their amazing desk accessories and bedroom sheet sets! They also make adorable make-up bags and toiletry sets that go inside the luggage, I definitely suggest you check out THESE. Also you can never go wrong with a monogrammed duffle from Marley Lilly, but I do worry about the white coloring getting dirty quickly.... have any of you run into this problem?

Help! I need your luggage suggestions!


  1. I'm loving the bottom three! I would probably go with one that has long enough handles to put over your shoulder even when the bag is fully packed or one that has the extra shoulder strap like the monogrammed one from Marley Lilly because it will be so much easier to carry through the airport that way.

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  2. Pottery Barn Teen can do no wrong! I always travel with my Longchamp. It is the most durable (not to mention water resistant) and lightest bag out there, which makes it perfect for travel.

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  3. I always use my Longchamp for my carry on, I can fit so much in that bag, I love it! I really like how that monogrammed weekender looks!


  4. Love the monogram bags!!
    Check out With Love Ragan for more great pieces.

  5. I love the weekender! I think I need one with a monogram.


  6. Hi! I've just discovered you blog!

    I love those bags! I'd love to order one of them... I'll check!

    I'll follow you blog :)

    Xx Gaelle from

  7. I have always wanted a Lonchamp tote :)



  8. I am loving that pottery barn quilted duffle!! Have you looked at Vera Bradley?? I would recommend the weekender bag since they have pockets/zipper pockets in them whereas her normal duffel bags are just big and empty.

    Good luck!!

  9. I just came across your blog via another blogger friend. :) All beautiful bags. My favorites are the first and last ones. :)

  10. I love my large tote Longchamp (the one with the short handles). I use it all the time for long weekends. I have been looking at the Marley Lilly tote too!

  11. I love the navy tote you have there. I think navy or patterns are a great way to travel because they don't get dirty (or visibly dirty) as easily. I like having a messenger bag that I can sling over my shoulder so my hands are free.



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