Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Boots with the Fur

With all this wintery weather we have been having mixed with the Polar Vortex I quickly have realized that my rain boots paired with fleece lining still isn't cutting it. Its time that I invest in a pair of real winter boots that are both waterproof and warm. I know everyone raves about the Bean Boot and it's definitely in the running to be the new addition to my wardrobe but I also found these Alpine boots by Sperry that look so warm and comfortable. They are waterproof, lined with Thinsulate for added warmth, have a side zip for easy on/off wearing and have rubber soles to make sure you get good traction when the walkways are slippery. 
The main thing that is drawing me to them over the Bean Boot is the fact they they are shearling lined (similar to an UGG) so I know they must be not only warm, but comfy and soft. They are similarly priced (but I am patiently waiting to see if they might go on sale once all the spring lines start coming out).
Does anyone else own these boots, would you recommend them?



  1. That boot looks so warm!

  2. Not something I'd normally pickout, but actually they are growing on me.

  3. I like the LL Bean winter boots too! I am so worried about moving home and not having enough cold weather clothes!

  4. I love those boots! Super cute.

  5. I keep seeing these boots pop up everywhere! I haven't purchased any yet, but once you decide let us know what you think!!

  6. Those boots look so warm!



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