Thursday, January 16, 2014

It Takes Tunic

I swear the only thing getting me through this awful winter is looking at the new spring collections online, it gives me hope that I wont always be wearing down coats and boots. Don't get me wrong, winter comes with so many ways to express yourself-fashion wise, but I am just so sick of my winter closet. Lilly Pulitzers resort collection is currently the thing I've been obsessing over lately (probably because I waited too late to shop the Lilly sale and everything was picked over so I have major regret right now). I've been thinking about investing in a Lilly tunic for when I go to Costa Rica because I want something light that I can throw over my bathing suit while we are lounging by the pool or something I could wear with a pair of shorts for a nice dinner outside. They have so many beautiful tropical patterns that I'm having a hard time deciding which one I want.

Do you own a Lilly tunic? 
If so, which one would you recommend? I'm leaning towards the Captiva Tunic.



  1. I love all of these, but I definitely recommend the Captiva Tunic! I don't own one, but I tried one on last year and loved it!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. Oh they are all so pretty!! Love the navy one!

  3. I do the same thing on really cold days. For some reason looking a cute spring/summer clothes that are in beautiful bright colors makes me realize there is a light at the end of the very cold tunnel!


  4. I have a Captiva and a Sarasota. I prefer the Sarasota because it isn't as see through, the Sarasota is too sheer to wear alone. But they are both great and fit well.

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  5. Oh they are all so cute! I think I like the Captiva one best. I prefer tunics that are long enough to pass as a dress. That way you can venture into public after the beach.


  6. Ugh these just make me want summer!! Love the captiva one, too!


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