Friday, March 13, 2015

Carry On

Tomorrow is the big day, at 6:20am (yikes), I'll be boarding a plane to St. Maarten. I am so looking forward to getting away from this winter to spend a week in paradise. On my bucket list trip is to do a little snorkeling in the clear blue water and to (attempt) paddle boarding. The house we are staying in provides kayaks and paddle boards to use at our leisure so I would like to try finding my balance on one, even though I'm concerned about how successful I will be because I can barely walk up the stairs without stumbling!
Anyways, whenever I travel I like to provide you with some type of packing post. I can be a terrible packer who notoriously overpacks things I don't need. However, practice makes perfect and I've gotten better as time goes on. Today I'll be discussing my carry-on essentials!
  1. Important Documents: Things like passports, money, credit cards, identification cards, wallet, and boarding passes need to be handy at a drop of a hat so make sure they are all together in a safe place that is readily available. It also doesn't hurt to have things like housing/hotel confirmation numbers, directions to the hotel, and rental car information.
  2. Entertainment: The more you're entertained on a plane, the quicker the flight ends and you can be one step closer to vacation. Snacks, water bottles, magazines, laptops/iPads, and books will keep your mind off of being thousands of feet in the air.
  3. Bag of Toiletries: Lets be real, airports can be GROSS so having things to freshen up during your trip will make you feel a little cleaner when navigating through the airports. Hand sanitizer, lotion, face wash, and Chapstick can help you feel as good as new after a long day of traveling.
  4. Rest & Relaxation Kit: Sometimes you just want to close your eyes and sleep through a flight, so earplugs, a neck rest and a eye mask can help you tune out the screaming child one aisle over from you. Add a pair of sunglasses to this list for when you arrive at your destination and the sun is shining!
  5. Change of Clothes (just in case): Unfortunately, sometimes the airlines "misplaces" luggage so it's important you bring at least one change of clothes for emergencies. Trust me, you'll be glad you have that clean pair of underwear and a fresh bathing suit when chaos arises. 
What are your carry on essentials?


  1. Have a fun and safe trip! Believe it or not, I have never been on a plane or even off the east coast.

  2. okay that kate spade bag is PERFECT. I am so excited for you and your trip! You're going to have the best time---enjoy every moment!

  3. HAVE SO MUCH FUN!! I always pack a change of clothes in my carry on so that I can change! Or I'll at least pack a swimsuit or something if I am going somewhere warm so that I can go swimming still if they lose it haha!

  4. I am the worts at carry-on... I take my vera bradley bag, longchamp, and purse. I'm surprised I keep getting by with it - I am pretty sure the airlines people hate me for it. I love your swimsuit and your carry on list is perfect!


  5. Hope you have a great trip!



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