Thursday, October 24, 2013

Warm Me Up: Scarves

    I was wandering around J Crew last week (only looking not more week of my no shopping diet) and I found this awesome city scarf. The best way I could describe it was feminine. It was a very delicate and pretty scarf with beautiful detail. When you open it up it has names of all different cities around the world. It would be the perfect scarf for someone who likes to travel. I didn't buy it, I think I will wait for it to go on sale first but it definitely got me thinking about my own scarf collection. I went home later that day and went through the pile of scarves I owned and made them more visible in my closet because I often forget about them. 

     While researching different scarves I picked out 6 other favorites of mine. Similar to the J Crew Nouveau City Scarf, Kate Spade had several scarves that told a story. I especially love the yellow and black scarf pictured above that, when opened up, features a full map of New York City and the Neon Sign Scarf that, when opened up, features fun catchphrases like "Spike the Punch and Eat Cake for Breakfast." 
     Although I loved so many of the Kate Spade scarves, I also tried to look for scarves that were more affordable. Personally, I don't see myself spending hundreds of dollars on a light scarf, instead I would say that my scarf budget fall into the under $40 category. J Crew Factory had an awesome selection of fun patterns and materials, plus they're always having a sale so it would be easy to scoop up a couple scarves for a discount price. My two favorites from J Crew Factory were the navy snakeskin and the turquoise floral. 
     Finally, I found so many cute scarves at H&M for under $20. Out of all the scarves I looked through, the H&M scarves looked the coziest. I loved the light grey mohair scarf because it was neutral and would work with a variety of clothing options. I also think that every girl should invest in a great leopard printed scarf. The one I featured above shows you can own one without breaking the bank.

Tell me about your favorite scarf!
Do you display your scarves in your closet or are you more like me...guilty of forgetting about them?

Leopard Knit Scarf

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  1. Love these scarves :)


  2. I sometimes forget about my scarves too! I love that J. Crew one that you picked out. I need to make more of an effort with scarves-I'm just so bad at tying them. I need to look up a tutorial!

  3. Oh my gosh obsessed with that city scarf! I have soo many scarves as it is though, I don't wear them enough and I just keep adding on!


  4. I agree with you... Really not interested in spending a ton on a scarf, as mine tend to snag anyway. Love your picks!



  5. I bought this amazing plaid Jcrew scarf last Fall for a trip to London. I love it, but it's wool so I rarely get to wear it.

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  6. I'm loving the Mohair and Leopard Knit scarves you featured :)

  7. I love all of these scarves, especially the last one!


  8. I was just gonna say before I read it that H&M has amazing affordable scarves. All of my favorite scarves are from there because they are larger then average and great quality. Loving the grey one!

    Indulgera Blog

  9. great scarves honey!!! i like so much ;)
    honey come to see my new post on my blog...about a blue vintage dress: here it is..


  10. I am addicted to scarfs! I usually display them on a rack in my closet. I don't spend much on them either. I always try to find great deals on cute ones! :)

  11. I love scarves! I'm so glad it's still the trend this fall!

  12. Love those scarfs!! Plus your blog is totally cute

    xo Mel

  13. I'm loving H&M's scarves right this season, and you are absolutely right - so cozy! I better buy a few before I move to Sweden since they are much cheaper here! Thanks for giving me some inspo before I go on the scarf hunt.


  14. Love scarves! They are perfect for this colder weather. I think they really add something to an outfit. Love the picks


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