Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Little Miss Matched

        I need to admit something to you guys that you may think is really weird.... I don't own a single pair of plain white socks. It sounds weird but I have always collected weird funky socks! I probably own a pair of socks for every holiday (I think I have, no joke, 20 pairs of Christmas socks alone). For 99% of the time you can't see my socks when I have shoes on, so why not have something fun on that only you know about instead of boring old white socks?! 
       Last time I was in NYC I stumbled across this store called Little Miss Matched originally looking for funky children's socks for my little cousins stocking stuffers but I realized that still store specializes in adult socks too. I ended up leaving the store with 5 sets for myself (including a very similar version of the middle pair in the above photo) because I was so obsessed with their products.
        Here's the deal with Little Miss Matched: Each set of socks you buy from them comes with 3 socks which solves the age old problem of disappearing socks, or my problem of the hole in the sock. For some reason I always get holes in one sock and then I'm forced to throw the pair out. With Little Miss Match, you get 3 socks to mix and match. The other fun thing about LMM is each sock is different, which is super I'm guilty of mismatching socks when I can't find a match all the time. According to LMM they make socks for ages 4-110 so as long as you're not 111 years old you're guaranteed to find an awesome pair of socks! 

Do you like crazy socks like me?


  1. This is too cute. I love that they come with 3 socks!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  2. I was literally planning in the days ahead to do a post about how weird my socks are! I own so many crazy socks it's unreal. I think it all started with my mom getting me a themed sock for every holiday. But when you wear Christmas socks in the middle of winter it starts to get weird. I loved your post!

  3. hahha I love that they give you three socks! I always got holes in mine too :(

  4. Honestly, I love crazy socks, but all I own right now are running socks and boring wool gray socks! I have to go shopping for some fun boot socks ASAP!

    jess | Quaintrelle

  5. Oh my gosh! The more I read of your blog the more we are alike! I don't own white socks either! I get a lot of my socks from Forever 21 - they have the best patterns from French toasts, to owls, to bears! This post made me smile!

  6. I don't have many plain white socks either, socks with prints on them are so much more fun and most of the time other people can't see them any ways! I love how LMM give you 3 extra socks!



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