Friday, October 4, 2013

Currently Loving....

         I feel like everyday my wish list grows, it's seriously unhealthy, however like to think that I am helping the economy. But despite my ever growing wish list (and ever diminishing bank account) I love being able to highlight some of my favorite obsessions on my blog. 
Orange is the New Black
      Since I just finished marathoning Scandal on Netflix (it's really addicting and Kerry Washington has an amazing wardrobe), I needed a new show to watch so I figured I would check out the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black which is about a woman named Piper Chapman, who was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for transporting drugs. The show is based on a real life story (and memoir) and I found myself loving all of the characters, laughing out loud and crying throughout the series. It was so popular that Netflix signed on for season 2 so you should definitely check it out.
Leather Theory Dress
     When I was at the outlets last weekend I walked by Theory and they had this AMAZING leather dress in the window. It was literally perfect in every way.... and it was also $789.00 (at a 50% off discount). UGH. Obviously way out of my price range for a dress, so I'll guess I have to admire it from afar, but it definitely inspired me to get my hands on some form of leather for the fall.

Halloween Decorations
     Now that it's October I am officially getting into the Halloween spirit! I made this Halloween wreath for dirt cheap using products from Michaels Craft Store. They're having a huge sale getting rid of all their fall stuff to move onto Christmas (no rush right?!). So I picked up some ribbon, skeletons and these awesome glittery clip on spiders. It definitely spruced up my front door. 

Kate Spade Glasses Line
      I know so many of you have been loving the new Kate Spade arrivals, but I am particularly excited about the new line because they have so many cute accessories with a eyewear theme. As you all know I wear my glasses full time (thanks to all of you who voiced your opinion on which Warby glasses I should choose), so I love the theme of the new line. I highlighted my 4 favorites and I'm debating which two of the four I want to buy...currently I'm leaning towards the clutch and the bangle.
      My last "currently loving" has been an obsession of mine for 3 years now, today is Misa's third birthday! Unfortunately for her, I have to bring her to the vet today to get her nails clipped but I have some presents waiting for her when she gets home (assuming she doesn't eat a vet technician in the meantime...she didn't get the nickname Monster Misa for nothing). 

Have a great weekend everybody!
What are you loving lately?



  1. What great things to be living this Friday :)


  2. I adore that quote, that dress is beautiful and your dog is precious!


  3. My wish list keeps growing too! Love all your friday picks and you puppy is precious!


  4. You are going to LOVE Orange is the New Black. I was hooked instantly and ended up marathon watching it in Italy. I kind of regret that lol. Also I love that bangle, but sadly the larger Kate Spade bracelets, fall off my abnormally tiny wrists. But I fully support you getting it!


  5. I'm only halfway through Orange is the New Black but I still love it! Sometimes I feel awkward, in the lesbian scenes but overall I think it's a great show. I started Scandal too, but I had to stop at the end of episode 4 of the first season because I got too much anxiety over what was going to happen next (which is a good thing!!) I think this weekend I'm going to marathon it out and then maybe start on Dr. Who? WHO knows. Ha. Ha. I'm so funny.

    carelessly graceful

  6. I love the wreath you made! I'm definitely in the Halloween spirit and have been doing some crafting as well :)

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  7. She is adorable! I hope she enjoys her birthday!

  8. Love it!! Next time I feel guilty for shopping, I'm just going to tell myself I'm helping the economy! ; )

    Brooke du jour

  9. Hahaha your dog is adorable!!!! Happy birthday Misa!

  10. The dress is amazing!x


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