Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Thought and a Weekend Recap

My motto lately.

Happy Sunday Everyone! 
I actually had a pretty busy weekend with friends and family. Friday night I grabbed dinner and drinks with friends at a local restaurant. Some of them I hadn't seen in awhile so it was good to catch up on each others lives and share a couple laughs.
Dinner Wardrobe: Oxford shirt, leather leggings, and J Crew flats.
Saturday I had a lot of fall cleaning to do, we were donating a bunch of clothing and bedding items to charity and cleaning out the house at the same time. In addition I had to do some raking (ugh) outside because the leaves were all over the place and I attended my youngest cousins 
soccer game since I hadn't been to one all season. Saturday night I went to my cousins house for dinner and games. Since my one cousin is in medical school, it's rare that he ever has a day to hang out. So since this was a rare moment we spent it doing our go-to routine--video games, board games and lots of unhealthy food. It was a very fun laid back night. 

Clue is my favorite board game of all time and a cousin tradition whenever we're together
Marvel Superheroes Game- Another cousin tradition...this game was made in 1992
which means we've been playing it for 21 years, ugh we're old!
Today my friend Meg is coming over to watch last weeks Glee episode where they remember Cory Montieth, who died last summer. She hasn't seen it yet so I saved it on the DVR for her. I'll have plenty of tissues handy.

Keeping myself busy during the weekends has been a goal of mine this fall. I am working towards making sure I plan things and visit friends/family instead of being tempted to sit on the couch all day. That's why I thought my Sunday Thought for this week was especially fitting.

How was your weekend guys?!
Did you do anything fun?!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! This weekend I have been busy cramming homework and projects haha!


  2. Love clue! Sounds like a good weekend!!

  3. One of my favorite weekend activities with friends is giant Jenga! You can easily make it out of 2 X 4s (Home Depot will even cut them for you). It's so fun!

    Ashley |

  4. You always find the best quotes for you Sunday Thought posts! That food looks delicious!


  5. I'm super jealous that you got to play Clue... best board game of all time! Looks like you had a fun weekend :) Hope you have a great week, as well!

    Diary of a Debutante


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