Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Prickly Pear

I really have to give my cousin a lot of credit. Every year he plans an amazing trip to a beautiful destination for 26 of us. He spends the entire year researching locations, finding housing, restaurants and activities for us to do while we're there. I'm pretty sure he missed his calling as a travel agent (or socialite) because he has never let me down. 
This year he planned a day trip to the Prickly Pear, an island of Anguilla. We rented out a private catamaran for the day that would spend 2 hours on the open sea traveling towards Anguilla, then dock and allow us to spend a few hours on the island. It was here that I saw the clearest, bluest water I have ever seen in my life. Once they let the anchor down we were able to jump off the side of the boat and swim to the island. Looking back, I probably should have grabbed some flippers and a life vest while swimming to shore because it was sooo far away, but it really was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so glad I did it. 
Prickly Pear Island is essentially a deserted island with only two building structures: a tiny tiki hut that made blended drinks and an open walled picnic area where a chef made us lunch. The craziest part of this place is that the people who work on it have to take a boat to work everyday because it's in the middle of nowhere! We were able to dine on fresh fish, bbq chicken and ribs while overlooking the crystal blue water. Post-lunch we got to explore the island, swim in the water and enjoy some tasty island drinks. 
Eventually we made our way back onto the boat for another 2 hour tour in the ocean that eventually brought us back to Saint Maarten. If you ever get a chance to visit St. Maarten, I definitely recommend taking this boat tour because it's a luxury trip with an affordable price tag that you will never forget. We've made a point to make sure that every trip from here on out includes a boat trip because the experience is always amazing.

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  1. This looks gorgeous! What a fun trip to all take together!

  2. Oh my gosh this looks amazing!! Gorgeous water and such pretty pictures!

  3. That place looks amazing!


  4. I've been to Prickly Pear Island! Such a funny name but the island is GORGEOUS! It's like your own private one eh? Love these pics :)

  5. Wow! What a beautiful location! The name alone just sounds fabulous :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  6. This looks sooo beautiful!



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