Monday, April 20, 2015

Check Marks the Spot

Well the big Lilly for Target release was a big bust for me, but shockingly I'm actually not that disappointed. From what I heard the website crashed for quite a long time in the middle of the night and when it did come back mostly everything was sold out. I personally didn't want to buy anything online because I was unsure of the quality of the items, plus waking up in the middle of the night to shop didn't seem very appealing to me, especially after the site went down at 1am and didn't come back for hours later. 
My friend Marissa and I decided to take our chances at our local Target Sunday morning. When we arrived, bright and early everything was gone. What I was most surprised about was the lack of pieces they carried to begin with. From what I saw from the tiny display, there is no way they could have carried multiple dresses and accessories on one small rack. My guess is that the selection at my local Target was slim to begin with and those who arrived at the store at 5am scooped everything up right away. The sales associate said everything was gone by 7am! The most shocking thing was reading the details online, people walking into local Targets and putting the entire display in their cart, only to go home and sell all the items on eBay for 3x the original price!! So sad that it came to that and glad I wasn't a part of that madness.
There are so many non-Lilly pieces that I'm looking to invest in this spring/summer so my wallet is pretty grateful that I struck out at the Lilly sale. Who knows, maybe after the success of this sale they will re-release some of the items and I'll be able to pick them up later this year. On the plus side, I'm loving this casual look that I wore to work last Friday. I bought these checkered pants two summers ago on the clearance rack at J Crew for next to nothing, and they're a pant to style this spring.

shirt // pants J Crew, old
belt // Sperry's (similar pair here) // Necklace Macy's (similar here)
Bag Michael Kors (similar options here and here)

How did you make out at the Lilly for Target release?


  1. I didn't score any Lilly for Target pieces (bummer!), but am saving toward a new dress from the traditional Lilly line. I'm loving this look on you, too! :)

    xo, Laura

  2. By the time I got to Target yesterday all of it was gone except for one child's outfit {the quality didn't feel that great} and a couple phone cases - I don't feel like I missed out on anything. I love your outfit; those pants are so fun!



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