Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Showers

Well now that it's April it shouldn't come as a shock to me that rain showers are popping up everywhere (these pictures were taken last weekend when the sun was still shining). I can't complain though because I would take rain over snow any day of the week. 
I am looking forward to this Easter weekend though. When I was younger we would all go to my Grandma's house on Easter Sunday and we would have a huge Easter Egg hunt that spanned the entire block that my Grandma's house rested on. I have so many fun memories of running through the alleyways looking for hidden eggs. As I got older I found myself becoming the "hider" instead of the "seeker" and we would hide "golden eggs" that contained cash instead of candy. However now that we're all a little bit older, we replaced the Easter egg hunts with Holy Saturday brunches where the concentration is on real food instead of chocolate. Even though the traditions have changed, I'm still happy we still make time to get together to celebrate and make memories. 

Sweater Ralph Lauren, old // Jeans 
Top Zara, old // Shoes Sperry (similar style here)
Watch // Ring Kate Spade, old
Bag Kate Spade, old

What are your Easter traditions?


  1. That's a really cute top and my family had a similar tradition as well. I'm pretty competitive, so I was always trying to be the one who found the most eggs and the quickest. We would do it at my house with just me and my sister on Easter morning and then sometimes we would go to one of my grandmother's houses where there were 15 grandchildren competing. It was always really fun.

  2. I love your outfit! Growing up, Easter always meant church, an egg hunt, and a late lunch with my family. We had an Easter egg hunt at work last week, and it was a blast!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  3. I miss Easter egg hunts - they were always so much fun! Love the light blue cardi with the navy top!



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