Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Friends

So as mentioned previously, last week was a whirlwind. I had friends and family visiting from out of town and it was basically non-stop events for seven straight days. It really got me thinking about making friends post-college. When I was in high school and college I was constantly interacting with new people and making bonds but once graduation hits, the amount of time you spent around new people can become rare. I was lucky when I started a new job last January that I instantly bonded with my co-workers and formed what I believe to be life long friendships with a few, but those friendships can be rare once you enter the workforce. 
When I signed up to go to Costa Rica last year, I knew about half of the people going in and met another 15 people when I got there for the first time. They were all friends of my cousins who lived in different parts of the country but we all bonded so well that I ended up forming real friendships with several people who I had previously only known as "my cousins friends". Fast forward a couple months later and I'm in the process of planning new trips and making plans with the people I met without my cousin and I now consider them to be my friends too. It may sound weird but it has been really nice forming bonds with a completely new group of people that live completely different lives from myself. This past year has reminded me that you're never too old to make new connections and create friendships that will last a lifetime. 



  1. Ahh that sounds absolutely lovely! New friends is definitely something to be proud of, and that's so exciting.

  2. this sounds so great! it is definitely a challenge to make friends post grad. so good for you lady!

  3. How awesome is that!? I totally agree it is never too late to make new friends (although it is certainly harder once you leave college)!

  4. I do agree that once you step foot in the real world, it is much harder to make friends and meet new people. I definitely think you've mastered it though.

  5. That's so sweet! I've been struggling to meet new friends in my transition period. I'm hoping it gets easier soon!



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