Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Staple: The Leather Jacket

Mother Nature can't make up her mind regarding upstate New York's weather. Last week it was in the low 60s and cold, then last weekend it was in the 80s and then it cooled down again this week. This crazy fluctuation has my wardrobe all over the place. Thank God I haven't put away all my summer skirts and dresses because its going to be in the 80's again this weekend! 
My weekday mornings are pretty hectic, it's partly my fault because I wait until the last possible second to get out of bed. I always iron my clothes for work the night before so I never have that panicking moment of "what am I going to wear?" but even with having my outfit pre-planned I still run through the house like a crazy person. Once my teeth and hair are brushed, breakfast smoothie is made, and lunch is packed I normally race out the door. My work day starts at 7:00 am (I know... EARLY) but I actually chose those hours because even though my day starts bright and early it also ends at 3:00pm, and I really love getting done early so I have time to run errands and work on my blog after work. 
One of the cons of having to be in work so early is that it's still really cold at that hour of the morning, so despite the weather forecast saying it will be in the 70's by the afternoon, it's still only 40 degrees when I get in my car. Thats why I gravitate towards leather jackets, they keep me warm for my morning commute to work. I'm a firm believer that every girl should own a great leather jacket. I actually own two (#shoppingaddictproblems), the brown one I'm wearing in these pictures and a black biker jacket that I searched high and low for. Leather jackets are so versatile and they instantly make me feel cooler than I actually am. Although real leather can be expensive you can easily find a great jacket at an even better price when those big department stores have their big sales. I actually think that I got this brown one during the summer season when all the jackets and coats are on super clearance. 
I styled this jacket with a bright fluted skirt from J Crew since I'm still trying to show off the last remaining remnants of my summer tan and a fun striped clutch from Kate Spade that I picked up after they had one of those 75% off online sales!

Jacket Neiman Marcus (old) similar here // Top Express (old) same top different color: here

Skirt J Crew // Clutch Kate Spade // Flats Ralph Lauren

Do you have a leather jacket?


  1. Yup, leather jackets are a definite must! I am actually looking to add a brown one to my wardrobe. I can't decide though if I want a chocolate brown or more of a camel color... decisions decisions : ).

  2. I always wait till the last min to get out of bed as well. I love your shoes and that clutch is beautiful!


  3. Love that brown leather jacket!!

    Hope you'll enter my L'Occitane giveaway:

    xo Kat

  4. Cute jacket! I got one last year and I was amazed how much I wear it! Love that clutch

  5. I nominated your lovely blog for the Liebster Award :)

  6. I have one brown leather jacket like yours!
    I love your jacket!!
    you look great!

    Mind to visit my blog, and kindly leave a comment?
    Maybe follow each other on GFC?
    let me know:)

  7. Loving this look, Alex! I have the same J.Crew skirt -- you've inspired me now to style it with a leather jacket :)


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