Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday Wish List

Last weekend I fell in love with this Topshop dress and while I wait for my next paycheck so I can buy it, I have been dreaming of ways I can style it. While I was going through my summer clothes that I took out of storage last weekend I realized that my style has evolved since last year and it's time to do an update on my summer wardrobe. I'm a sucker for a comfortable sun dress but I need to start paying attention to the quality of the products I buy. We all have those Forever 21 dresses that we buy for next to nothing and then find them unraveling as we wear them for the first time. For all the Forever 21 dresses I've bought for $10, I could have saved my money and purchased a dress of better quality that will last for years to come. So this year while shopping I will be looking closer at the material of the dresses and other items I am buying. 
Okay, back to the dress at hand. It's no shocker that I'm a sucker for stripes but thats not the reason I fell in love with the dress. Firstly, I love that it's a conversation piece. The stripes on top of the lemon decal would make anyone stand out in a crowd. Also the lemons on each side of the dress are strategically placed so they dress is very slimming. Sometimes thick stripes can do a disservice to my hips but the lemons will give a more hourglass look to a figure.

Thoughts on the dress?
Do you find yourself changing from quantity to quality when it comes to your wardrobe?



  1. I love this new trend of making designs on dresses to make them slimming - so smart! Im sure a woman thought it up :)

  2. I love that dress! I could totally see you wearing that!

    Prep on a Budget

  3. i want every bit of this outfit. love it!

  4. Can I tell you how much I love those shoes?! I need a good pair of wedges for the summer :)


  5. I LOVE those shoes! I have definitely started caring more about quality than quantity. I am so sick of having to replace things constantly because they don't hold up in the wash. I would rather spend more upfront and get things that will last longer!

  6. I could definitely see you in that dress! I love those sunglasses!


  7. I think that dress will look great on you. I had to laugh at the "taking my summer clothes out of storage," that just seems so weird to me lol.

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  8. I LOVE how you styled this! So cute- especially the bag!

  9. Love the dress! I find that I have a thing for both quality and quantity (a horrible mixture). I can't bring myself to buy cheap clothes, so I have to wait until J.Crew or other places have great sales so I can stock up on quality items for a fraction of the price. (Also, places like Winners are great; I've found quite a few Kate Spade pieces for under 100$!)


  10. That lemon dress is so pretty! Such a unique pattern.

    x. jill
    beck daily


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