Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Thoughts + A Weekend Recap

This weekend flew by even though it doesn't seem like I did a lot, do any of you have that problem? I am officially in vacation mode which means the next two days of work are going to be struggle city for me. This quote is especially fitting for this week since it will be the first time I am leaving the country. As I've vented before, I really want to travel but the idea of actually traveling makes me very anxious so I will most likely be a ball of anxiety until I land in Costa Rica on Wednesday. 

Here's a quick recap of my weekend:
  • Got dinner with my dad on Friday night, our favorite buffalo chicken pizza...yum.
  • Saturday morning I had another NYS Test. I'm really trying to get on as many lists as possible to advance my career but this whole "taking a test first thing on a Saturday morning thing" is really cramping my style. I did, however, finish a 3 hour test in 50 minutes #sorrynotsorry.
  • After the test I finally finished ironing all my summer dresses and packing up everything (you can check out some of my picks here). Now I only have to make sure those last minute items are done on Tuesday night.
  • I finished House of Cards Season 2. What a crazy ending! I'm thinking Breaking Bad will be my next Netflix marathon of choice.
  • Today I have to run a couple errands then head over to my cousins house for brunch.
  • I'm hoping to get my first pedicure of the season later this afternoon -hooray!- what color should I get?!
  • Also, I have to bake a batch of brownies because tonight I am hosting a Game of Thrones viewing party for a group of my friends. It's gonna be a big episode tonight, if you're a fan of the series (or the books) you won't want to miss it!
What did you do this weekend?
Do any of the rest of you have viewing parties of your favorite TV shows with friends?



  1. It sounds like you are having a great weekend Alex!


  2. Sounds like your weekend was awesome! You made me want some brownies though!!! :) Hope your party goes good!!

    Love Always,

  3. I love viewing parties with friends for tv shows! When we can't be together we have group texts going on through the whole show haha

  4. I watched game of thrones last night. It was crazyyyy!

  5. Omg house of cards! I'm obsessed! Can we talk about Claire's wardrobe?!


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