Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Bucket List Travel Destination: Africa

So I just finished Chelsea Handlers new book, "Uganda Be Kidding Me," which was a hilarious recount of her many vacations she went on with friends and the hilarity that ensues. The first half of the book chronicles her travels to three different African safaris with her girlfriends and it got me thinking about how amazing of an experience that must have been. Prior to reading that, Africa was never really on my radar of places I would want to visit, but to see the adventures she got to experience really changed my views.
Even as a little girl I've always loved animals. My parents always had different nature shows on in the house and for a long time I was obsessed with Planet Earth (I still kinda am...). I've been lucky enough to visit various aquariums and zoos, including the amazing Kilimanjaro Safari in Disney's Animal Kingdom where I got to see lions, tigers and bears (oh my) up close. But I feel like all those experiences fails to compare with a authentic safari in Africa. Also, does anyone else sometimes get a bad feeling about zoos? I always feel bad for the animals, being cooped up away from the homes they really belong in. So of course being the crazy person I am, I started researching real safaris available in Africa. Obviously they don't come cheap but to view these creatures in their natural habitat would be a once in the lifetime opportunity. 

Have you been to Africa?
Would you ever want to go on a safari?


  1. I went to Africa and went on two safaris, an elephant and giraffe orphanage and it was amazing! seriously so so beautiful! if you get a chance...GO!

  2. Yess this is SO on my bucket list too!!

  3. That would be SO awesome!! I have never been but have friends who have and LOVED it!

  4. Totally on mine. My uncle went and he loved it.


  5. I hear Africa is amazing!


  6. I would go on a safari in a heartbeat! I especially love the Cheetahs, did you know in ancient times they were the first cat to be domesticated.

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  7. I have never been, but this looks amazing. It would be an experience, that is for sure!

  8. South Africa is #1 on my bucket list!! Dying to go!!



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