Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Thoughts + A Weekend Recap

Wahhh where did the weekend go? I am so not ready to go back to 5 day work weeks! On the bright side, May is right around the corner. Now if only the weather would coorperate. I'm happy it's no longer freezing but 50 degrees is not cutting it... bring on the 70's! I feel like I'm currently in their weird transition with my wardrobe where its still a little chilly to wear dresses but it's way to warm to wear heavy sweaters. 

Anyways, I hope you had a wonderful weekend, here is a quick recap of mine:
  • Friday night I got dinner with a girlfriend and another met us for drinks after. It was nice to catch up on what I missed while I was away.
  • Saturday I went to the mall (shocker) and picked up a couple items for my wardrobe. I originally went out to buy my dad a birthday present and ended up coming home with only items for myself (whoops). 
  • Saturday night I went out to celebrate my friend Dana's birthday. A couple my friends and I had been out of town these past few weeks so it was nice to finally be reunited with my entire crew. We always have fun when margaritas are involved.
  • After lunch I have to go back to the mall to get my Dad a birthday gift since his birthday is tomorrow... nothing like waiting till the last minute on things. Any good dad-gift ideas?! I feel like dads are so difficult to buy for!
  • Tonight we will be having another Game of Thrones get-together. This season has been so great and it's been highlighting some of my favorite moments from the books.
What did you do this weekend?


  1. I don't even know week days from weekends these days. Motivation is hard to find.

    Sounds like you had a blast with your friends!

  2. It's starting to feel like summer here, with the weather being in the 80's. I need to get some more short sleeve tops!

    carelessly graceful

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend


  4. I love your weekend recaps. Totally going to post one tomorrow because of you! :)


  5. Its in the 80s here! I do not miss the 50s! But I hope you found something for your dad! I have so much trouble shopping for the men in my life! Glad you had a great weekend!

    Love Always,

  6. I love Game of Thrones. This season is good!


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