Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

I am seriously recovering from vacation brain. Going back to work on Thursday was not my ideal choice and I really needed a vacation from my vacation. My apologies for my writers block but I promise I am going to settle down this weekend, catch up on my blogs and fashion magazines and get re-inspired for a new week. I hope all of you had a wonderful week, I look forward to catching up on what you guys were up to while I was gone.

In the meantime, here is what I am loving this week:

Since Costa Rica I've been obsessed with sarongs. This may sound strange but I've never owned a sarong before and I don't know what I was thinking since I'm always tying my towel around my waist when I get out of the pool. This is a much more stylish alternative to this!

Essie's Neon Collection
Trying every way possible to show off my tan and these new Essie colors are amazing! That teal color and the lime green are my favorites. 

I've been expanding my maxi dress collection lately. They are perfect for those cooler summer nights and there is something fun about wearing a long flowing dress. I'm currently lusting over this navy and white one. 

The Following
I've been "following" this show since is premiered last year and it literally makes my heart race while I watch it. I'm a sucker for scary TV shows (The Walking Dead/American Horror Story) but this show is scary in a different way because it's about a cult, which could totally happen in real life. Next week is the season finale and I can't wait to see what happens. For all of you who want to check it out, season 1 is on Netflix.

My talented Aussie friend Carla has an amazing design blog that I highly suggest you check out. She has such an amazing sense of style (I want to steal everything in her closet) and a great eye for home design as well. Her creative posts are definitely a must see, so show her some love.

What are you loving this week?


  1. I totally know what you mean about writers block! I am just now getting back on track with everything! Have a great weekend :)

    Prep on a Budget

  2. I love those polishes! I'm not a huge Essie fan, but their colors always make me want them anyways.

  3. I want ALL of those nil polishes. They are fantastic.
    xo Liz

  4. hahah I LOVE that eCard! TGIF!!

  5. I love the Essie neon collection, I just don't think I could pull them off!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  6. I love Essies new collection!


  7. haha! loved that E card! that maxi dress is super cute too!

  8. I love the following too!!!

    PS: tagged you in my latest post!

  9. I wish I could pull off maxi dresses! And I LOVE that purple color in the Essie collection! You have to try out Tart Deco from Essie. Its GORGEOUS!

    Love Always,


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