Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Thoughts + A Weekend Recap

Happy Superbowl Sunday!
I'm not a big football girl but I am looking forward to snacks, Katy Perry, commercials and the Puppy Bowl tonight! We're also currently bracing ourselves for a massive snowstorm that is going to start tonight and continue into tomorrow. They're predicting about 8-14 inches (which is a very wide range) and I'm curious to see how the forecast changes as the night goes on...

This weekend...
  • I saw American Sniper which, as mentioned yesterday, was incredibly moving and heartbreaking. I really hope it takes some awards home during Oscar season because it really deserves them and would be another great way to carry on Chris Kyle's memory.
  • Got a pair of boots fixed at my local shoe repair shop. I had torn the leather last winter and hasn't been able to wear them at all this year but I finally sent them over to get fixed. I can't recommend this shop enough if you're in the 518 area because he does beautiful work.
  • Finally got caught up on some shows. Did anyone else watch last weeks Scandal?! I thought the past few episodes have been slacking and I haven't been the biggest Olivia Pope fan (I know, blasphemy) but this crazy episode made up for the lackluster first half of the season.
  • I took blog photos today in the freezing cold and it was no fun. The weather has been in the single digits and the wind chill brought it down to the negatives... please spring come soon!
  • Today I'm making pulled pork nachos and spinach dip for the festivities tonight and I also made a lasagna and minestra work the upcoming work week since we're supposed to get overtime in our office and I won't be home to cook dinner this week.
Who do you want to win the Superbowl?


  1. Loving the inspiration right here!!

    You're more brave than me today. I planned to take outfit photos outside, but it wasn't happening this weekend. Sometimes, I just can't handle the wind chills!

    Hope you had a great weekend,

    Something About That

  2. What a game! Just like you I'm not a big football fan but that game had me at the edge of my seat! The snacks were also delicious.


  3. How much snow did you end up getting? In PA we only got about an inch but then it started raining (and still is) and that turned the snow into really thick slush. Oh and I so want to see that movie!

  4. Pulled pork nachos are the best! Love the quote!



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