Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Warby Parker Home Try-On Kit

So it's been a year since I bought a new pair of glasses so I thought it was time to order another Warby Parker Home Try-On Kit. Since I already own a black and tortoise shell pair, I decided to set my sights on a pair of glasses in blue! Luckily for me, Warby Parker had several blue options for me to choose from in a variety of shades and styles. The problem with Warby Parker is they have so many options to choose from and I have a really hard time making a decision on which pair I want, so I'm turning to you all to give me your honest opinion on which pair you like best. 

Option 1. Cass in Blue Slate Fade - This first pair has different shades of blue that fade from top to bottom.
Option 2. Baxter in Catalina Blue - These are a really dark shade of blue, so much that they appear black in photos. 
Option 3. Sullivan in Saltwater Matte - This pair is a part of Warby Parker's new spring collection. They are brightest shade of blue of the four pairs. 
Option 4. Duval in Blue Slate Fade - These are the same shade of blue as choice number one but have a larger frame.

I had submitted my At Home Try-On Kit with the intention of finding a new pair of glasses in some shade of blue but I still decided to also look at the Baxter Ti in Sugar Maple as my fifth pair. I actually really love the light maple color and eventually when I invest in a new brown pair I will end up going with the Baxter Ti, but in the meantime I'm focused on a new blue pair. 

Help me decide! Which one is your favorite?


  1. I think my favorite is the brown pair but out of the first four options, I really like #3. It took me like 7 years of wearing glasses to finally realize I should always have more than one pair. When I got a new pair last year (B/c Mowgli broke my glasses), the place I went to actually had a promotion going on that if you bought a pair of frames, you got a 2nd pair (of the same price or less) free. I originally was going to pass on the offer because I thought it was some type of trick, plus I was so unfocused and ready to leave. By that point, I had probably been in the store for 2 hours because I am so indecisive. And then he finally convinced me. I'm so glad I got two pairs because sometimes I forget where I put my glasses and have no time to look for them. So then I just grab the 2nd pair which I always keep in the same spot.

  2. I do not wear glasses myself, but it is always fun to help my friends and sisters pick theirs out...I love the idea for a pair of blue frames! These are all super cute, but I really like #2 and #3 (especially loving the color/matte texture of #3!). Excited to see which you pick :)


  3. I think my favorite is #3 and the bonus pair! Love Warby Parker!



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