Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Thoughts + A Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!
Currently I am sitting inside anxiously awaiting the big snowstorm that is about to hit the 518! We've had snow on and off all weekend but tonight we are going to get slammed with a snow storm that is going to last well into Monday night. Who knows, maybe I'll even get a snow day from the Governor, wishful thinking... This has been one of my busiest weekends in a long time and it seemed to fly by.

This weekend...
  • Friday was my day off so I spent most of my morning trying to calm Misa down while she furiously barked at the electricians working on our house. She was not a happy camper and by the end of it she needed one long nap to recover.
  • Friday afternoon I got lunch with my mother and headed out to the mall for a quick visit to Lord & Taylor. I'm in full spring mode and refuse to buy any more winter items so I picked up these color block dorsay flats, this floral top, and this dress which I'm looking forward to wearing in St. Maarten. 
  • Friday night I headed out to a new bar/restaurant in our area, Slidin' Dirty which focuses on great sliders and even better cocktails (think pickled dirty martinis!) for my friend Stephen's birthday. Post dinner and cocktails, we headed over to the bar next door, Footsy Magoo's for some foosball which, in case you we're wondering, I am terrible at.
  • Saturday afternoon I did my blogger thing, took pictures for the week before the storm hits, wrote some posts up, looked up future recipes to try, the usual.
  • Saturday night I headed out to City Beer Hall to celebrate my friend Marissa's birthday (so many birthdays this week!). It was a fun night catching up with friends and since I don't head out to the Albany bars very often, it was something different.
  • Today I'm recovering... I can't go out like I used to (#oldlady), prepping for the storm, making a roast for dinner and getting excited to watch the Walking Dead and the Grammys tonight!
This pup is the only one excited for the upcoming storm!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I refuse to buy any more winter clothes too! Hope you get a snow day :)



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