Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentines Day (or Gal-entines Day) Gift Ideas

With Valentines Day only a week away I'm sure many of you are hinting towards your loved ones at different things you would like or receive and the rest of you may be shopping for single friends to surprise them with something fun on "Galentines Day." Personally, single or not I've never been a huge fan of Valentines Day but I do love how it gives me the excuse to eat lots of candy and wear pink. I also really enjoyed looking at all these fun gift ideas and found my black heart growing as I picked out heart theme presents, but how can it not when presented with bright pink loafers and heart shaped sunglasses, haha!
When writing this post I was reminiscing about the elementary school days when we would pick out boxes of Valentines for our classmates (mine we're always superhero theme), fill them out with names and put them in everyones individual handmade valentine mailboxes. It made me miss those days and I now want to convince my co-workers to pass out valentines in the office like the good old days!


  1. I love this gift guide! I may have to pick up a couple of these goodies for myself haha!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. this gift guide is awesome...legit want it all!

  3. That red dress and pants are so perfect!


  4. great gift ideas, Alex - love the shoes!

  5. Those socks are so cute! We nominated you for the Liebster Award! For more details visit our blog.

  6. I love those shoes and those socks are adorable!! :)

    Love Always,


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