Monday, February 2, 2015

Shearling for Snowmageddon #2

 We're in the middle of a snowstorm. 
The storm started last night after the Superbowl ended and will be continuing on throughout the day and into this evening. They are predicting 8-14 inches which is a pretty big numbers gap if you ask me, but what do I know? To make matters worse we currently have overtime at the office this week because a different unit is working on a large file and asked for our help in finishing it. As much as I would love to call in sick and stay home underneath the covers, I just can't pass up the opportunity for the extra cash, especially after I just bought a new car so I'll be trekking into the office and staying till late tonight. 
I'm not sure what's its like where you're all from, but in upstate New York it's been bitter cold for the past week so I've been scavenging through my closet looking for my warmest sweaters and coats to keep me nice and cozy. I ended up pulling out this amazing shearling coat that I got for Christmas one year when I was in high school (I never throw anything out). It's brown suede and fur lined so it's perfect to combat these winter elements. Obviously these photos were taken yesterday before the snow storm started but I was happy to know I would be prepared for the upcoming week! If you're also in the middle of a storm, stay safe and warm!

**Update: Roads are awful, overtime got canceled, over a foot of snow expected and I'm staying in my pajamas and hanging out with Misa... guess even state workers get snow days!**

Coat Nordstrom, old (similar here) // Scarf Charming Charlie, old (similar here and here)
 Sweater // Bag Coach, old (similar) // Gloves // Sunnies Wantables (similar)
Combat Boots Nine West, old (similar) // Leggings

Are you in the middle of a snowstorm too?


  1. So cute! And I'm glad you got to stay home! Be safe braving all that snow!!

  2. That scarf really makes the outfit pop!

  3. Can't believe you all are getting that much snow! Love your scarf!


  4. Love how your paired the scarf with it, it makes the outfit pop!

    Nathalie | THE COVETING

  5. Gotta love snow days! I am from MN, but we have not been hit too bad this year. What a cozy outfit! <3 <3 <3 your sweater!!! It goes perfect with the leopard accents!



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