Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Thoughts + Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday Friends!
Quick post from me today because it's too beautiful outside to spend the day inside working on my blog. I'm headed out to soak up some sun and since I'll be sitting by the water I thought this was the perfect quote to share with all of you. Just FYI, I am in full summer mode so most of my Sunday quotes going forward will most likely have some type of sunshine/water reference, haha. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, heres a quick look at mine in a nut shell!

Weekend Recap:
  • Friday night I may or may not have been super lazy and stayed in to start the new season of Orange is the New Black #sorrynotsorry
  • Saturday I was up and at em' super early and was sitting by the pool by 11:00. Trying to get my summer base going so I can confidently wear white shorts again.
  • Saturday night I got dinner and had my first pina colada of the summer!
  • This morning I got breakfast with two of my best girlfriends where we discussed our upcoming trip to Disney World!!! Now, as mentioned before, I am off to the pool for round 2!
  • Tonight... Game of Thrones! Only two episodes left and I'm excited to watch the big battle at The Wall tonight!
What did you do this weekend?


  1. orange is the new black is on my list of things to watch!

    Rachel @

  2. I love that quote, sounds like a great weekend! And that's so exciting that your going to disney world, it's definitely one of my favorite places to go!


  3. I love that quote, it is one of my favorites!


  4. That drink looks incredible! And Game of Thrones.... poor Pip! I'm ready for the insanity of next week's episode. I have to admit, I read up on wikipedia what happens next but I'm still really excited to see it all play out. :D


    1. Ahh I know! So weird they killed off Pyp since he doesn't die at the battle in the books. So much is going to happen in the finale, they have a lot to cover in an hour!

  5. I have to limit myself to 1 episode per night of Orange is the New Black since there aren't very many & I could seriously watch the whole season in one setting! It's so good already & I'm only 4 episodes in!


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