Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Criss Cross

With the official start of summer beginning next Saturday many of you will be packing up and doing some vacationing. Cape May, Chicago and Disney World are occurring in the not so distant future for me and it got me thinking about my need to invest in a good cross-body bag. I'm not sure why, but a stylish cross-body bag was not something that I've invested in before. Personally, I tend to gravitate towards big totes and large handbags, mostly because I normally have so much I want to carry with me wherever I go. But while strolling through cities, beaches or theme parks it's going to be important that I pack lightly and have a bag that will be hands free. So I love that functional cross-body bags have become a fabulous trend for summer, it keeps the focus on summer fun rather than keeping your hand on a handbag.
I definitely have specific requirements when it comes to a cross-body. It's important that the bag is big enough to hold a glasses case (so I can easily switch from sunglasses to my regular ones), my phone and some sort of wallet. At the same time I don't want my cross-body bag to be overwhelming because the whole point is to pack lightly. Luckily for me there are so many awesome options for cross-body bags at a variety of different price ranges and styles. I have a little over three weeks before Cape May so I will definitely be investing in a new bag before then.

Do you have any cross-body bag recommendations for me?



  1. love the striped bag

  2. I love how these bags allow you to be hands free! My friend gave me a cute one for Christmas from Forever 21. I also have qualifications for what it needs to hold: keys, wallet, phone, and hand sanitizer!


  3. Ooo love the striped one and the yellow one! Yay for summer bags!

  4. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac is my all time favorite bag! It is a crossbody and it is amazing : )

  5. I love the first one! Great picks!



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