Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Slumber

This week in the 518 has been hot... high 80's and sunny for the past 3 days which I love! However, it doesn't always make for the best sleeping weather especially when we haven't turned on the AC yet. So I started researching different sleepwear options that is compatible with this weather. I'm one of those girls who sleeps in old tee-shirts from various events in my life (old college shirts, Saratoga Racetrack shirts, concert tees, etc) and a pair of shorts but I'm slowly attempting to become more of a grown up with "pajama sets". Luckily for me there are plenty of fun affordable options that won't break the bank but are sure to leave you sleeping pretty. Side note: I'm completely aware that the Nintendo Yoshi pajama set is as far away from "grown up pajamas" as you can get, but the nerd in me couldn't resist!

In addition to a fun pair of pajamas, I'm a sucker for a good bathrobe. Yes, I'm aware that bathrobes may sound like something that an old lady would wear but I'm guilty of wearing mine from the second I change out of my work clothes until I go to bed at night. Now that its warmer, I'm looking for a lighter robe option that still covers me up and I found these gorgeous black silk robe online. I'm not going to lie, it's pricey and I personally could never dream of spending that much on something I would only wear around my house, but a girl can dream, right?

Where do you get your PJs from?



  1. Oh I love those sleep shorts that are pink! I just got new ones from forever 21 - I call them "jams" :)

  2. My PJs are either yoga pants/soffe shorts and a tshirt. I don't usually get a pair of actual coordinating jamas, although I've been wanting to lately! I just have a hard time buying a set when I have so many tshirts and shorts to sleep in already!


  3. I always find my PJ's at Target. They always have super cute sets that are reasonably priced.

  4. I usually get my PJ's from TJ Maxx/Victoria's Secret, or sleep in a teeshirt and underwear.

  5. I'm right there with you on sleeping in shirts from random past events! I love the pink and polka dot shorts... It might be time for me to upgrade too :)


  6. I love those checkered pjs and the pink ones!


  7. Love those hashtag tanks! So cute. I really just wear old t-shirts to bed, and acquire pj pants. Maybe someday I'll own a cute pair of pajamas. That's when I'll know I'm a true adult. :p

  8. buying pajamas has become one of my favorite things! I used to just wear boxers and an old t-shirt but now all my t-shirts are being turned into a quilt so I have started to buy more fun, matching sets. Love your choices!

  9. I love love love F21 pj sets! I mean I dont really buy pjs because my dads old 3X shirts do the job fine! But If I were to buy PJs I would buy them there. And Target of course!

    Love Always,

  10. I have always slept in ancient PJ pants and tshirts until my sister (the queen of pajama shopping) made me buy some nice ones. I got some Josie by Natori PJs and although they were still rather expensive at TJ Maxx, they honestly are so worth it. Cute, comfy, and wash well. I conceded to her that she was right.. a good pair of PJs can go a long way!


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