Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby I Got Your Money, Don't You Worry

As I've mentioned before I'm currently on a shopping spending freeze. I'm going on week three of no shopping and I'm struggling. This clearly highlights the fact that I have a shopping addiction and I'm surprised I haven't gotten the shakes from withdrawals haha! The reason for this spending freeze is because I had a few expenses pop up and I needed to take a break from shopping and focus on paying my bills. Firstly, I'm headed to Chicago at the end of July and I needed to pay off my plane ticket I charged months ago, then I unexpectedly planned a random trip to Disney World in November. So I had a second plane ticket that I put on my debit card along with the deposit on our hotel (yikes). These are all happy purchases because I've really wanted to do more traveling and I'm getting my wish but all these due dates came suddenly and it was important that I take a step back and re-prioritize my expenses, allocating them to different categories. 
So today I wanted to give you a few money saving tips that have helped me over the years. Being someone who primarily blogs about fashion, it's obvious that I love clothes and accessories but I have to remind myself that I don't have to constantly be buying new items to add to my closet. 
  1. Direct Deposit: My paycheck is set up so it gets directly deposited into my account on pay day. The majority of my paycheck goes into my checking account for spending money and bill paying however a part of it goes directly into my savings account each week. It's hard to physically take money from your checking and move it to your savings account, especially when funds are tight. But I've realized that I don't miss the money that I don't see. By setting up direct deposit, the money goes into my savings without me even noticing and it helps me better prepare for my future.
  2. Coupons: I very rarely pay full price for anything anymore, especially because there are so many sales going on at one time or another. It's important to not be tempted to buy those new releases right away because most likely, they will go on sale. I now put clothing items into my "Wish List" instead of my shopping bag and monitor when websites are having sales. Even taking advantage of free shipping can save a few bucks! I'm also not afraid to clip coupons, I keep them in my wallet so I'm never without.
  3. Experiment with your Closet: During times like these when I'm on a spending freeze I look through my wardrobe and reinvent what I already have. I've been working on mixing pieces up a bit--- taking a skirt and pairing it with 3 different top options for 3 different outfits. By experimenting with new pairings and adding different accessories you can create a plenty of fun outfits from pieces you already own. 
  4. Bring your lunch: This is one tip I learned from my mom. She always said, bring your lunch to work because ordering out for lunch can get expensive! Plus I'm more likely to eat healthy when I pack my lunch everyday, I'm less tempted to order that giant sub with chips and a soda.
  5. Don't Procrastinate: When I know I have a big expense coming up (such as my upcoming Disney trip), I will put away a little bit of money at a time so when the bill is finally due I won't panic and try and scramble to find all the money at once. 
What are your money saving strategies?
Any survival tips for a girl with a shopping addiction on a shopping freeze?


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  2. These are great tips and I must say I follow all of them! They make saving so much easier!

    Prep on a Budget

  3. Great tips! I do most of these too, especially waiting on sales and using coupons to avoid paying full price! I honestly can't remember the last time I paid full price for anything that wasn't a necessity.


  4. These are such great tips Alex! I totally know what you mean about shopping withdrawl. I'm thinking about going on a spending freeze for a while, as I'm saving up for a Europe trip next spring. It always helps when you have a fun incentive to save for, like your upcoming trips :)

  5. I am on a spending freeze too.. After my trip to Hawaii...I spent a good bit just on the plane ticket...I cant afford clothes...or shoes...or dresses...or shorts :( But I have been taking my own lunch and I feel like I am saving so much and I can pick healthier options. So I am with ya on this freeze sista!

    Love Always,

  6. Great post, i like it!

  7. I would never be able to go 3 weeks without shopping! You go girl! xo

  8. Word girl. Moving/going back to school has me on a spending freeze as well. It's HARD. But these tips are golden.


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