Thursday, September 10, 2015

Insta Life Lately

Since I don't have any outfits to share with you this week, I thought I would do a summary of what I've been up to on Instagram lately. Instead of posting what I'm wearing, I tend to use Instagram to share my adventures of what I've been up to. Last night I went to dinner with my parents and grandma to celebrate her 91st birthday and we went down to Troy to enjoy the beautiful nights breeze at Browns Brewing Co. The food is fantastic and their huge deck offers a great view of the Hudson River while you dine.

This is a common sight of me in the summer, minus the pool float. I'm not sure about where everyone else lives, but the 518 was so hot this past Labor Day weekend and I spent most of my weekend submerged in the water. This upcoming weekend is the last week for the pool and my depression is setting in, I don't want summer to end!

Last Saturday I made the trip up to Manchester Vermont for the day to do a little outlet shopping. Manchester is perfect because they have the perfect mix of popular stores and small boutiques, plus they have some fantastic restaurants to enjoy while you shop (I highly suggest picking up a sandwich and homemade cookie at Zoey's Deli). I ended up picking up some great pieces for fall (and some end of summer clearance), which I'll be showing off in the upcoming weeks. 

August 26th was National Dog Day so I couldn't resist Instagramming a photo of my pride and joy Misa. If you're wondering lying in bed with a look of "why are you in here, I was napping" is a common look for Misa. She wasn't thrilled that I interrupted her slumber with an impromptu photo shoot, but it's hard not to photograph that face! 

I guess you can say I have a thing for zebras and stripes. My sheets and blanket matched my new Lilly dress that I picked up during the After Party Sale a few weeks ago. You can get my entire Whim by Martha Stewart bedding at Macy's.

What have you been up to lately?
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  1. I love that polish color!!! Hope you're doing well!

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    xo, B


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