Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wanted: New Flip Flops

First of all, someone needs to stage an intervention with me because these past couple weeks I have been on a spending spree and it needs to stop. My main issue is that Macy's has been having a Friends and Family Sale where everything in the store is 25% off including designers. So now I'm not only tempted by the amazing new spring arrivals, I'm also tempted by the fact that these amazing spring arrivals are now on sale, ugh. 
Anyways, I've really needed to buy new flip flops. My basic black pair broke at the end of the year last year and most of my other pairs are worn down and have really run their course. I've been trying to wear more "sandals" but when push comes to shove and I need to race out the door to run errands I'm going to choose a classic pair of basic flip flops 9 times out of 10 (I know... shame on me as a fashion lover). So last weekend I wound up in the shoe section at Macy's and ended up buying 3(!!) pairs of flip flops for summer. Firstly, I found a great pair of black Havaianas which can replace my broken black flip flops. Next I found these great brown leather Sperry flip flops that are a little more structured, they definitely offer a little more support over the traditional flip flop. Finally, I grabbed a pair of navy Tommy Hilfiger flops with sparkle gold detail. I figured if I wanted to wear flip flops to work one day, these sparkly pair would add a little fun.
 I ended up getting an amazing deal on all three pairs so I feel less guilty about my spending spree and more accomplished because I can finally replace my beat up old flip flops that have seen better days.

What are your go-to flip flop brand?
Are you more of a sandal or flip-flop girl?



  1. I need new flip flops so bad! I get my basic ones from Old Navy but love getting the nicer ones from Target or Francescas!

  2. I am personally a sandal girl, but when I buy flip flops I also like to go for Sperry because they always have great products! I bought a pair for the beach last year and they turned out to be so handy!

    Prep on a Budget

  3. I love sandals, but like you, I usually go for the flip flops! My Rainbows are definitely my favorite!


  4. I'm obsessed with all of these! This season I bought a pair of nike flipflops that I love - they have this gel sole that makes me all kinds of happy. I love the Sperry's for a less sporty/"I'm going to the grocery store" look though lol.
    xo Liz

  5. I am more of a sandal person than flip flop. I just have one pair of flip flops that are my favorites... I wear them nonstop!

  6. We for sure need to stage an intervention for your spending spree.Its getting out of hand... And my favorite pair of shoes (even though I own a million and four pairs of sandals) are my rainbows!

    Love Always,

  7. Havaianas are great and they have such great colors. I live in Jack Rogers for the most part though. I do miss the old Reef flip flops from back in the day.

  8. Great buy! Who can pass up a great deal. I'm a rainbow girl for casual, and jacks for anything non casual.


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