Monday, May 19, 2014

Show Off Those Toes!

Did anyone else happily pack away all your boots this month? I nearly jumped for joy when I got to display all my summer shoes in my room instead of the bulky winter boots. I also am so excited to not have to wear socks for the next three months! I am one of those weirdos that refuse to wear pants/socks when the warm weather comes. After having the longest/coldest winter this past year I can't even begin to consider putting on anything that will cover my toes (lucky for my nail salon who will be seeing a lot more of me now!). 
Now there are so many fun summer shoes I want to add to my wardrobe. I definitely want to add more florals, loafers and (gulp) block heeled sandals. Speaking of block heels... I may need a instructional class on how to walk in those said heels because my coordination is non-existant and I'd rather not spend my summer in a ankle cast. I love a versatile shoe that can transition well from work-wear to night-wear. So above I picked my 12 favorite shoe options for summer! You may have noticed I left out the espadrille which are all over the fashion magazines... I'm slowly coming around to the style but I'm not ready to make the plunge yet.

What are your summer shoe essentials?



  1. I like those bow sandals and the boat shoes! So cute and versatile! But if I could have all of them I would!

  2. I love the bow sandals too! I also refuse to wear socks in the warm weather haha!


  3. I love all your pick and those bow sandals are perfection!


  4. I am loving those mint converse!! I want to add bow wedges to my wardrobe this summer!

  5. NEEDING those anchor loafers! Love! <3

  6. I love the mint converse and the sandals with the bow! And I also hate socks in the summer! Just gross! haha

    Love Always,


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