Monday, February 17, 2014

Greek Inspired Decor

The outlets were in full on spring/summer mode this weekend, there were shorts, sandals and plenty of dresses on display at all of the stores. So despite the fact there is currently over 2 feet of snow outside my window I have warm weather on my mind. One of my dreams (that I hope to one day make a reality) is to own a beach home. I'm not sure exactly where I want that beach house to be located, but I do know that I want an beach view so that ocean breeze can flow through the windows of my home all day long. Unfortunately, I can't really decorate an upstate New York home with beach themes (it just seems out of place), but I love the look of a home completely decorated in white and blue. Also a white color scheme doesn't stay white for long when Misa and her dirty paws are around. 

This color scheme is why I've been such a fan of Greek decor. First of all, traveling to Mykonos Greece is on my bucket list because it serious looks like one of the most beautiful places in the world. Those clean white homes surrounded by the crystal blue water is just breath taking and I would love to have a home inspired by that amazing view. So of course when I am looking for any inspiration, I go to my favorite place to find it...Pinterest. As soon as I searched 'Greek Decor' I found so many beautiful home ideas with a Greek theme, perfect for my future dream beach house.

Check out what I found:
I'm in favor of anytime sand and shells can be used as home decor.

I love the idea of painting the ceiling a different color from the walls of a room.

Now I want to scatter white vases all around a room.

How cool are these sinks and the color of the walls?

Nautical stripes = perfection

Does anyone else dream of owning a beach house or visiting Greece one day?
Am I the only one that uses Pinterest to decorate an imaginary home?


  1. I absolutely love greek decor, it's stunning! And I love the ideas you shared. It all looks very beachy, and I wish my room was themed like this. Love the blue ceiling!


  2. I think next summer my whole family and I are going to Greece... because we're Greek! We've never been and it'll be my parents 35 wedding anniversary, so we want to see where our ancestors are from. My Godmother had a condo in Athens but she sold it when I was back in high school. I was so mad. She should have given it to me!

    carelessly graceful

  3. This post is AMAZING! Everything you picked out for this post is beautiful, you have great taste!


  4. I love greek looks so elegant...:-)

  5. Wow those rooms are beautiful!! I especially love the one with the sunburst mirror. & YES! I am hoping to have a summer beach home some day (fingers crossed!) & we definitely want to visit Greece in the very near future!

    xo, B

  6. I love the greek keys pattern! My best friend is greek and spends five weeks in Rhodes EVERY SUMMER, I always get the most beautiful photos texted to me and the best chocolate brought back. The decor is fabulous, I want to own a beach house on this island in South Carolina, Hilton Head. I have great memories of family vacations in a rented beach house, so I think it would be so amazing to own one!
    With Love, Madylin @

  7. BEAUTIFUL pictures! I love this look in the home :-)

    I have created a new style site - if you have a moment to check it out! >

  8. I love the beachy style! You could always decorate a bathroom or a smaller room in a beach theme. You need something to remind you of summer!


  9. I love the greek, beachy style decor - so pretty, beautiful pictures!<3

  10. These are such pretty pictures! They would be perfect a beach house!

  11. I love the photo with the blue ceiling and the draping around the bed! You're not alone… I use pinterest to decorate my imaginary loft all of the time! Haha

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  12. Great finds! I love this style - the white and blues look so chic (and quintessential Greek)!

  13. Greece is hands down one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. Love your decor inspiration!



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