Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brown & Black Combo, Do or Don't?

So a couple of weeks ago I received a cardigan from my mom as a gift. It is black, cream and brown color block and it got me thinking to when I was younger and my mom instilled in me two big fashion rules: 1. My handbag and shoes should always match my outfit and 2. You never mix browns and black together. Now I am not one to follow the rules of fashion but for years my mother would scoff when I would wear my brown riding boots with a pair of black leggings. She would complain that I should be wearing black boots if I was wearing black leggings and I should definitely be wearing a black handbag as well. I for one always trust my moms judgement because I love her sense style but this was one thing we could not agree on. So it's funny that after all these years of complaining she was the one to buy me a brown and black cardigan... guess I've changed her mind.

Times have changed and the idea of brown and black (along with pairing navy and black) together is no longer a faux pas. I love how trends and styles can evolve and how what was once considered a fashion blunder can now be seen as a big hit. While I was researching some brown and black looks on my favorite source of inspiration, Pinterest, I found hundreds of amazing looks that go against that anti-black/brown combo belief, you can check out some of my favorite looks below.

Since I LOVED reading all your opinions on my post about the crop top, I thought I would pose a new question for you... do you pair brown and black together?

Also what are some other "fashion rules" that you love to break?

Finally, I should totally buy that color block ALDO clutch to go with my new cardi, right?!



  1. I totally think you can break the black and brown rule! I am not as good at breaking the navy - black rule, but I have seen others do it beautifully!

  2. Nice post dear...really interesting...:-)

  3. I have always loved brown and black together. So chic!

  4. I am totall not one of the people who can break that rule yet. If I am wearing black leggings, I have to wear black boots. But I think it looks great on other people!!! And you should totall get that clutch! :)

    Love Always,

  5. I think its a do! It's a little monochromatic for me, but it definitely looks chic!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  6. I don't like following rules too closely. fashion is always changing... I love the brown and black combination :)
    the way to my Hart

  7. I kind of like the brown & black color combo! Lovely post Alex!


  8. I used to be completely against black and brown- but now I LOVE it! Especially with tortoise accessories :)

  9. Brown and black and seriously one of my favorite combos! You need the clutch!! :)

  10. When done correctly, the black and brown combo can be really chic! And YES, you NEED that bag!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  11. Definitely do it!!! Brown and Black are a classic and go hand-in-hand.

    Check out our page, we have a Moschino clutch to giveaway

  12. I think it's a beautiful combination! xx


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